A Donkey Delivers Doctrine

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Can you trust a talking animal? You can when it’s Donkey Ollie, a character created by Boat Angel Outreach Center. Four new courses geared toward children ages 3-10 follow Donkey Ollie and his friends and his brothers as they learn about God and grow in their faith. Adventures of Donkey Ollie includes thirteen half-hour animated videos about young Ollie, who lives at the time of Jesus. Ollie learns courage and bravery as he travels throughout the ancient world to Jerusalem, Damascus, Rome, and beyond. Kids can learn Bible truths as Donkey Ollie and his friends face thieves, wild jackals, hungry lions, and even a gang of bad company. In Donkey Ollie and the Lord’s Prayer, ten downloadable picture books show kids how to pray and what the words of the Lord’s Prayer mean. Donkey Ollie and his brothers learn that you don’t need fancy words or tricks to talk to God and that God is ready to rescue and forgive us when we give into temptation. The picture books in the series Donkey Ollie and the Miracles of Jesus share the stories behind ten of Jesus’ miracles in a fun and engaging way, and Donkey Ollie and the Ten Commandments follow the adventures of Donkey Ollie as he and his three brothers learn about God’s Ten Commandments and what they mean.


Tammie Bairen


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