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If you guessed that one of the newest classes on has something to do with the alphabet, you’d be correct! All About the Alphabet with Carla Earley is a fun way to teach and reinforce upper and lowercase letters with your preschooler through games, foods, books, crafts, toys, and more. Through a variety of activities such as treasure hunts, making alphabet-themed foods, looking at picture books, making letters out of objects, and even turning the pages in an encyclopedia, you’ll be amazed by how many fun ways there are to learn about letters. You may have also noticed there are some letters missing in the above alphabet. Those letters are in the middle, usually the part we focus on the least. In Due Season with Amber Smith is a series full of monthly encouragement for the time in between that anxious first day of school and the moment you walk your child down the aisle in their cap and gown—the middle years, the ones we may focus on least, the ones that can bog us down and trip us up. In this series, you will receive practical ideas that you can apply today. We’ll help you have the very best homeschooling year ever, no matter where you are in your homeschool experience.


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