10 Online Learning Resources for Summer Learning Fun

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Now that we can all get outside and enjoy the summer sun, why would anyone want to sit in front of a computer to do anything? Well, I don’t know about you, but I hate those 90 degree F days. And what about when it rains? Since we don’t limit learning to the school year, I try to find online education resources to make the most of those “indoor” days. Here are some of my favorites, and almost all of them are free, too!

10 Online Education Resources for Summer Learning Fun

Virtually Travel the Globe

My younger daughter loves geography and used to play with maps. She received lots of subscription boxes around her interest, but we also enjoyed several online educational resources. With Scholastic Global Trek, you can travel to any country in the world and learn about its people, how children there live, and many other aspects of the country. Keep a travel journal, discover new customs, foods, holidays, and more.

Go to the Zoo

Don’t live near a zoo? Well, you can visit one online! Visit animals at the San Diego Zoo. Kids can see live webcam views of selected animals, try activities and games, read stories, and learn more about their favorite animals.

Tour a Power Plant

Ever wanted to see how a power plant works? Sometimes it’s hard to find factory tours that will allow small groups in. But you can check out this online education resource and take an Xcel Energy Virtual Power Plant Tour! Get up close as you discover how coal is turned into electricity.

Visit Nottingham Castle

Are your kids into castles and knights? My sons went through this stage, and we did lots of pretend play around this historical period. Do your kids want to see what an authentic 15th century castle was like? Tour this kid-friendly, animated, but accurate, Nottingham Castle. Includes fun facts and challenges for kids.

Visit an Aviation Museum

My sons also went through the airplane stage sometime after the knight stage. They loved seeing all the historical aircraft! The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Museum allows you to virtually tour exhibits on the history of flight and spacecraft, on homebuilt aircraft, on air racing, and more.

Visit the Holy Land

Ever wanted to take a vacation to the Holy Land? Well, you can! Go on a virtual trip to Jerusalem and see all the holy places with this virtual tour of the Tower of David, the Damascus Gate, the Cave of John the Baptist, and more.

Go to the Aquarium

While we live near the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, I know that many folks don’t have this privilege. So, I hunted for an online option so I could share this joy with you. It can be hard to see live ocean animals unless you live near the ocean. Not anymore! Check out the Waikiki Aquarium. They offer several virtual experiences where you can enjoy ocean spotlights, live webcams, an Ask the Director series, and drawing lessons. Even at the Shedd, we have to pay extra for some of the things you can see for free on this site.

Explore the Tombs of the Pharaohs

Now you can enjoy this Field Museum exhibit as much as we do! You can explore King Tut’s Tomb on the Field Museum website from the comfort of your home. Go through the rooms and find the treasures. Solve puzzles related to the interactive online tour.

Tour Buckingham Palace

When the two princes were getting married, we briefly had an interest in the English royal family. My daughters especially really got into English culture and wished they were English! That was when I hunted for an online educational resource so they could learn more about the royal family. Are your girls like my girls? Have you ever wanted to see the inside of the home of England’s royals? Well, you can! Check out this virtual tour of Buckingham Palace.  It allows you to see three of the rooms from the ornate floors to the stunning ceilings. While there, you can also learn more about the royal family and other buildings.

Additional Online Education Resources from

Looking for some additional ideas and online education resources? Check out the Summer Resources at They offer tons of options for summer-themed and outdoor learning in all subject areas. Whether you are homeschooling or trying to bridge the summer gap, they offer something for every subject, every grade, every student.


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