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What’s New in Studio Art for Teens and Daily Writing

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Sharon Jeffus loves to help teens develop and use their gifts and talents for the glory of God and the blessing of others! This month in her Studio Art for Teens class, we’re moving from studying tigers to fall to Thanksgiving turkeys! We’ll look at some of Rockwell’s classic scenes as well as Audubon’s turkey and Edward Albert Guest’s poem about Thanksgiving. Join Sharon as she teaches the elements and principles of art, looks at master works of art that show the technique in media, and present projects that challenge you to create your own work in the style of the masters.


Your kids never have to worry about running out of ideas to write about when you have Kim Kautzer’s Daily Writing prompts to spark creativity! This week we’ll write about scarecrows, careers, travel, acrobats, forgotten worlds, and outer space. Along the way your kids will learn about alliteration, cognates, and more!




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