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What’s New for Students Preparing for College

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“Welcome to a two-week course that will determine the destiny of your whole future, starting but not limited to what college you’ll be admitted to! Just kidding.”


The quote above is from Sharon Watson, teacher of a special two-week course on How to Write a College Entrance Essay. As she goes on to explain, the college admission essay can be a hugely scary hurdle, but it can be overcome with some practice and preparation. Join her as she walks you through the process of understanding what college admissions counselors are looking for in an essay and how to concentrate on the details that will attract the attention of the college or university to which you are applying.


In her College Choice Guidance class, Denise Ames helps us look at and identify our goals and dreams, practice timed tests to improve our ability to function under stress, work toward finding and applying for scholarships that are a good fit for your specific interests and background, and look for ideas about how the trends of the future might impact our chosen fields. No matter what grade your student is in, Denise has helpful suggestions on things they can do to prepare for college or whatever their future might hold.




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