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Here you’ll find great products from our advertisers focusing on the subjects you most need to teach in this new Spotlight on Subjects E-Newsletter.

This month the focus is on history/social studies and the company and all they can offer your students. Keep reading to learn about electives support with Red Wagon Tutorials, the arts with, science with Uzinggo, math from MANGO Math Group, and language arts with The LITClub/Bandit Publishing.

Enjoy browsing these great options for six subject areas! Watch for this Spotlight on Subjects E-Newsletter to drop in your inbox every other month–the next one will be available in December.


October/November 2013 Issue–History, Geography, Social Studies

If one of the aspects of teaching history that excites you is its wide range of topics, take a look at the variety of topics and styles available to your entire family with just one membership to For example:

You can explore ancient history with twenty-nine weeks of Classical History from Jennifer Courtney of Classical Conversations that will take you from ancient times to the fall of Rome. Or you can dig deeper into the past and join Regan Barr and his Classical Archaeology class coming soon. Watch the What’s New page for details.

You can explore the length and breadth of history with Figures in History and Cathy Diez-Luckie of Figures in Motion. Her weekly hands-on activities focus on a notable character from history each month. Or, have fun with This Day in History. Timeline figures, living book lists, short fiction, hands-on activities, and more look at both serious and silly moments from history.

If your home is full of explorers, you don’t want to miss Geography: Around the World with Tyler and Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press. These in-depth lessons are full of ways to help your family learn about the world around us. Then be sure to visit our Everyday Explorers series where you can travel around Australia and New Zealand, Canada, or the United States one state, province, or territory at a time! Or, take a Trade Route Safari through Asia with Bonnie Rose Hudson and Safari Saeed. Visit more than thirty countries, discovering the people, the history, and the animals of Asia through reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary, science, hands-on activities, and math worksheets.

For a complete listing of all our history and geography resources, visit our Site Content page on, where teaching history is as easy as Point. Click. Teach.

Red Wagon Tutorials/Cleo’s Classroom


Red Wagon TutorialsMy name is Steve Rosenoff. For the past twelve years, I have been teaching Apologia Science courses full-time for Red Wagon Tutorials.


We offer online recorded classes and live-feed course programs. Each class in the series is sixty to ninety minutes in length. I currently have presentations available for General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Biology. We are offering two new non-Apologia course this fall: health and fitness and earth science. I am endorsed by Dr. Jay L. Wile and have his full support in this venture.


I also give away one free course to a missionary family working overseas for each one sold. RWT is currently serving missionaries in fifty-five countries with free recordings and curriculum support. We have 1500 students worldwide.


Our Golden Retriever, Cleo, is featured on every course page to welcome your student to study. The General Science page shows Cleo as a puppy and then she becomes increasingly more mature on each subsequent course page: basically, she grows up with your student.


The online recorded sessions are of our live classes, which we still stream daily to those stateside and those serving overseas using GoToTraining technology.–Art & Drama

If you’re looking for art and drama resources written in enjoyable and accessible ways, then take a look at
Brenda Ellis of ARTistic Pursuits brings Art Techniques lessons designed to help your children become visually aware of the wonderful world they live in and enjoy the process of putting ideas and images on paper.
If your teens are considering developing their artistic gifts into a ministry, check out Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna and her Studio Art for Teens class. Don’t miss the Student Gallery!
You want to expose your children to art but you aren’t sure where to start? Why not try introducing it through a subject such as history or science? Check out biweekly unit studies on Everyday Easels.
Write and Produce a Play! Let Marci Hanks teach your family how to create anything from a living room play to a community production.
If the thought of teaching Shakespeare makes you nervous, let Simply Shakespeare give you a hand. Study a different classic each month.
For a complete listing of all our art and drama resources, visit our Site Content page on, where teaching art is as easy as Point. Click. Teach.


Uzinggo/Adaptive Curriculum



Teaching science at home is not simple. With Uzinggo, you won’t need a biology degree. 
Uzinggo is a new online Science program that helps homeschool parents teach upper level grades, while rewarding students with earned prizes as they prove they’re learning tough concepts.
  • Lessons are self-paced by the student, and change based on the student’s skill level.
  • Parents get real-time reports showing the student’s progress.
  • Teacher guides are provided so parents can get step-by-step help teaching advanced science concepts.
  • Students often say they feel like they’re playing a video game because of Uzinggo’s interactive lessons and real-world scenarios.
  • Prizes for progress keep students motivated and lets them boast about their learning.

Built on Education Best Practices

  • Students can make mistakes, understand the reasons for mistakes, and receive relevant, timely feedback.
  • Students extend and deepen scientific inquiry skills step-by-step interactions that inspire problem solving over instead of memorization.
  • Students even form their own scientific hypotheses, and test them.
Try Uzinggo free at

MANGO Math Group

MANGO Math Group


EARLY MATH ACHIEVEMENT is the best indicator of future academic success–and MANGO Math is there to help you get and keep your child interested. Used by thousands of students in homes, schools and after-school programs across the United States, MANGO Math’s hands-on games and activities are an ideal and affordable supplement to your child’s homeschool math education.
Based on Common Core standards, MANGO Math’s games and activities promote math skills, mathematical thinking and problem solving. Try one of our three great MANGO Math TotesAddition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, or Fraction and Decimals. Each tote has 12 fun games that are easy to understand and to play and reinforce the key mathematical skills that children need to succeed in math.
Or try our grade-level specific MANGO Math Crates for grades K-5, or our Pre-Algebra Math Crate. A favorite with after-school programs across the country, MANGO Math Crates are ideal for homeschool cooperatives or other small groups of students. Use promo code “TOS” and receive free shipping on any order.

The LITClub/Bandit Publishing



The LITClubImagine your reluctant reader enjoying great books with her friends. 


Visualize your reserved bookworm presenting projects to his peers. 


Picture a meal straight from the pages of a classic. 

The LITClub makes these dreams come true. The LITClub is an easy step-by-step guide for designing a fun, family focused classical book club for your children–complete with everything you need to transform reading into an experience. Book Conversations develop a child’s critical thinking skills. Facilitating the discussion is effortless when using the ready-made discussion guides provided in The LITClub.

Projects merge creative energy with analytical thinking. Children ages 7-17 create original board games and rewrite ancient stories with modern characters. In pairs they write and perform television interviews, or within a roundtable format, two teams discuss a topic from opposing viewpoints.

Literary lessons, focus papers and vocabulary lists encourage children to read deliberately. A themed meal brings the culture and setting of the book to life. Think of The LITClub as an overflowing toolbox that shows you how to design a reading experience that is just right for your family.

Read The LITClub. Invite your friends. And start transforming reading into an experience.


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