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Raising Real Men    

Transcripts. When we do workshops on homeschooling high school and we mention transcripts, moms break out in a cold sweat. We were there once, too. It’s funny, though, that something that only takes a couple of hours is so nerve-wracking. Want some real anxiety? Help your child figure out what to do after high school and how to afford it. That’s a real nail biter, so let’s get the transcript out of the way and focus on the more important stuff.

Record-keeping. Keep a file somewhere and list what courses your high school age student is taking and what books he used. You think you’ll never forget struggling through Algebra I together, but trust me, it’ll fade to black pretty quickly! Do your best to keep a list of all the significant books (you can skip the graphic novels) he reads in high school, too. Very few colleges or programs will ask for a textbook list or reading list, but if they do, those are very hard to reconstruct later.


The format: one page, just one page. Homeschoolers are often horrible at following directions. We once headed up a scholarship program in which applications were limited to 10 pages. Some homeschoolers sent 10 page transcripts plus all the rest. It broke our hearts, but we had to decide what to set aside. A judge, who has to read through 200 applications, is not amused by extra pages. It’s also not fair to the students who obeyed. You want your transcript to be in the standard format.


The necessities. Student’s name, social security number, birthdate (you need those to avoid mix-ups in college admissions), the name, phone number, and address of your school, dates of attendance, expected graduation date, and parents’ names. ). Include a list of courses either by year or by subject, whichever looks better for your student, with grades. At the end, you’ll need a signature from the administrator of your school (in our case, Dad). It’s really quite easy!


The other stuff. The other parts of a college application are more important than the transcript, but are often overlooked. The resume is the place to share all the cool things your student has done outside of his coursework–employment, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and sports. Recommendation letters from outside teachers or others who can speak to your child’s academic ability and character are critical. Most important of all are the essays your student writes himself. That’s his opportunity to stand out from the pack and to show what makes him special. Spend the most time on these!


All of this seems pretty intimidating, but it’s not. The real challenge of the high school years is helping your young men and women transition to adulthood through mentoring, discipleship, and that difficult letting-go part. That’s the part that ought to keep us on our knees!


Yours in the battle,

Hal & Melanie


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