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Math is Meaningful

Thursday, 21 August 2014 by

Some kids love math. Some don’t. If you struggle with teaching your reluctant learner, SchoolhouseTeachers.com has some options for you. Daily Math, located under the Dailies tab, is a simple daily lesson that can be used as a diversion from the normal math lesson—a chance for a short break from regular lessons. Elementary Math with

What Did You Say?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 by

There are nearly 6500 distinct languages spoken in the world today. SchoolhouseTeachers.com can get you started on learning them. Join Sandra Heflin in her American Sign Language course. Since there are estimated to be over four million hearing-impaired people in the United States—many of them using ASL—it is an extremely useful language to know. Spanish

Open Up the World

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 by

When you open a book—or click on a lesson on SchoolhouseTeachers.com—a world of possibilities opens up. You can learn virtually anything. All of the words will be meaningless, however, if you are unable to read them. Matthew Glavach has provided Reading Lessons for struggling readers so that they will have an opportunity to learn this


Monday, 18 August 2014 by

One way to simplify your life is to have certain tasks you do every day. They become a habit and are not easily forgotten. One of the most important habits we can build into our lives is spending time with God. Michelle Pohl shares Joy in the Morning through a devotional, Scripture reading, a personal

There’s Excitement in the Air

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 by

Are you excited about the new school year? Here at SchoolhouseTeachers.com, we are ecstatic. Not only will you continue to have access to almost every class that has been taught over the years, but there are many new classes coming. Some have started, are starting soon, or will be starting in the next couple of


One of SchoolhouseTeachers.com’s newest classes is Animal Science with Sonya Brouillette. This class, geared toward middle school and high school, has just begun, so it is not too late to get started. If you miss any lessons, they will be available online. Sonya will teach us about classification systems and journaling and then will dive

The Keys to the Past and the Future

Monday, 11 August 2014 by

As your students prepare for a new school year, consider Keyboarding with David Kimball. Much of their work, especially if they are in middle school and high school, will need to be typed on the computer. Help them succeed by knowing how to type well and quickly instead of hen pecking the keys. This course