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Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five! 

“Cool” Summer Fun


Most kids have an opportunity to play with (and in) water during the warm months, but adding ice to the mix can give kids a whole new level of experimentation. Exploring with ice was always one of my kids’ favorite things to do when the weather got too hot. It is one of those things that many homeschoolers love. Kids end up having so much fun that they don’t realize what they are doing is filled with science and learning, and it works for multiple ages, singletons and large groups. 


If you have little ones who are not really familiar with how ice is made, letting them make a tray or two of ice is a great place to start, even if they poke holes in the ice cubes while they are forming to see if they are “done.” You could experiment with whether water freezes at the same rate as other liquids. For older kids you could allow them to find out whether the temperature of the water affects how quickly it turns to ice. 


Ice can be added to a kiddie pool, a large bowl or tub, or a sensory table and just played with (which is a valuable learning experience in itself,) but giving your kids a few other components in addition to ice and water opens up new possibilities and sneaks in some learning while they aren’t looking. Give your children salt, and challenge them to make a tower of ice (or a whole castle,) or put ice in a bowl of water, and give them string and salt, and challenge them to figure out how to lift the ice out of the bowl without using other tools. 


You could also freeze water colored with food-safe dyes; (place a clothespin in each cube before freezing,) and allow them to paint with the ice. Be careful where you do this though, as the food coloring may not wash off well. Another fun thing to do is fizzy ice. For this you will need eye droppers, bowls of vinegar mixed with food coloring and crushed ice sprinkled with baking soda. Allow the kids to drip colors onto the ice, and watch it fizz.


Pinterest and internet search engines like Google are filled with really fun ice activities for kids; so if your kids love the idea of ice play, or you feel inspired, you can find a ton of other “cool” ideas on the internet. 

Jennifer Holden

Jennifer Holden began homeschooling when her daughter came home crying in fourth grade after a traumatic experience in the public school system. Her daughter is now 22 years old and the mother of two beautiful daughters of her own. Her three sons have always been homeschooled. Jennifer has an educational background in Early Childhood and Special Education and 20+ years of experience teaching and leading youth children’s activities.


Take a look below at this month’s resources for additional ideas. Be sure to let us know how you put summer fun into your homeschool. Email Paul and Gena Suarez and share your story. We’d love to hear about it!

June’s Spotlight on Summer Fun!

Kinder Cottage Publishing


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Niice Stuff Apparel


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