Winter 2002-2003 Back Issue

SOLD OUT! This issue focuses on both the classical education model and the Charlotte Mason method. Includes articles by Mark Hamby, Susan Wise Bauer, Jen Igarashi and many more! Plus we include a FREE mini-unit study on birds and more!


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Our Classical Education Issue!

This issue focuses on several methods of homeschooling—the classical education model and the Charlotte Mason method. Other great articles include such topics as special needs learning, teaching to visual learners, and a FREE mini-unit study on birds! See what else is included below:

  • Susan Wise Bauer explains the classical homeschooling model in “An Education Worth Its Weight in Gold.”
  • Honored guests: Mark Fey shares Focus on the Family’s support of homeschoolers.
  • Karen Andreola, Charlotte Mason expert, stops by for a visit in the Assembly Hall!
  • Join Diane Wheeler in the Devotional Corner. Mark Hamby asks, “Where’s the joy?”
  • In her Editorial, Jenefer Igarashi urges us to find “happiness” behind our curtains!
  • Welcome to the Resource Room—Christine Field is here to help us meet the needs of the “most special” homeschoolers .
  • Enjoy a FREE mini-unit study on birds!
  • “Visual Learners”—Pamela Maxey discusses the “show me” style of learning.
  • Homeschooling 101—Dr. Jay Wile (of Apologia Science) discusses “Real Science in the Homeschool;” Diana Waring shares “What My Homeschooling Children Have Taught Me.”
  • Creation Science—Dennis Petersen discusses “How Can Good Science Embrace Bad Theory?”
  • In Fine Arts and Music, Sharon Jeffus shares how “Teaching Art Through History is a Right-Brained Activity.”






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