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Is your bedroom restful or a stress-inducing jumble? Let Molly help you save as you feather your nest with comfort for peaceful slumbers.We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so make sure that time is comfortable as possible!

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 Let Molly help you save as you feather your nest with comfort for peaceful slumbers.

But this issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. It’s chock-full of advice for home and family: repurposed projects; nutritious food for family members, including the furry ones; financial teaching for kids; organization and décor; and much more!

  • Shower your spouse with love and pancakes!
  • Investigate cut flowers and houseplants.
  • Feed your family a meal that’s both easy and healthy!
  • Prepare your kids for keeping their own checkbooks.
  • Find out what your dog or cat really needs in his food.
  • Let your old wool sweaters keep you warm in another form.

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest-Molly Saves in the Bedroom

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so make sure that time is as lovely and comfortable as possible! Is your bedroom restful or a stress-inducing jumble? Is it a repository for fluffy pillows and soft linens, or is it a catchall for laundry, paperwork, books, and other items? It’s worth the effort to clear the clutter and turn the room over to its intended purpose: rest! After the clutter is gone, it’s time to concentrate on beauty and comfort.

  • Find out how to choose the right mattress and pillow for you and your spouse.
  • Discover the characteristics of sheets and how they differ.
  • Learn how to extend the life of your mattress, pillows, and linens to protect your investment and keep you comfortable longer.
  • Explore the options for bedcoverings and dust ruffles.
  • Make a lavender spray to keep your sheets smelling fresh.
  • Give your kids’ bedrooms a makeover as well!
  • Educate yourself on sleep, how you can get more of it, and how important it is to your health.

Take more of a peek inside this impressive issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest:

  • This ’n’ That: February is a good month to buy bedding. And don’t forget the sale on chocolate after Feb. 14. You’ve heard of Presidents Day and Groundhog Day, but did you know about Make a Friend Day?
  • Begin With the Basics: Delight your family with a breakfast of homemade pancakes or waffles. We give you some tips from an experienced pancake maker.
  • Forms & Printables: Tackle your disorganized closet with help from the Internet. Printable forms can help you inventory your items, and articles give you ideas for storing what you decide to keep.
  • Décor & More: This month, when you may receive some cut flowers from your sweetheart, find out how to make them last longer. Houseplants are a thrifty way to add life to your home, but that isn’t all. They also improve the air quality!
  • Pet Care for Pennies: Find out which diets are good for your dog or cat and which are just hype. Often the “holistic,” “natural,” very expensive food is actually worse for your pet, though the cheapest brand isn’t the best choice either. Dr. Tiffany J. Rule helps you sort it all out.
  • Tightwad Training Camp: Molly helps your kids learn about keeping a handle on their finances, now and as adults. This month, children find out about checkbook registers and practice recording transactions.
  • Something Old, Something New: Those old wool sweaters you find in the back of your closet or at the thrift store still have some warmth left in them. Let us show you how to turn them into a beautiful and comfortable throw for the bedroom or any room.
  • Here’s to Your Health: A good night’s sleep is important to your health. We share tips on frugal ways to make sure you’re getting the best sleep you can. Here’s one: Take the TV out of the bedroom.
  • You’re a Natural Beauty: Mix up some homemade moisturizers to save money and promote great-looking skin. If you don’t want to use a recipe, check out our list of natural moisturizers that stand alone. You probably have a few of them in your pantry right now!
  • Molly Recommends: If you get just one book on living simply and being frugal, make it The Complete Tightwad Gazette. This hefty tome offers advice on saving money in all areas of life, so you’re sure to find something that will help you in your particular situation.
  • Change One Thing This Month: Find out how a gift closet can save you money and simplify your gift-giving. Have you ever been surprised by a friend’s unexpected gift? Never be caught empty-handed again!
  • Inspiration! Discover what one thifty family does with the beautiful Christmas and birthday cards they hated to throw away.
  • Directory of Links: For those of you who print and bind your Digests, you’ll have easy access to all of the fantastic links worth saving in the back of this issue. It makes your Digest easier to use!


Project Manager: Toni Riggs

Contributing Writers: Dena Wood, Eleanor Joyce, Sharon White, Patricia Hunter,Toni Riggs, Tiffany J. Rule, DVM, Leslie Valeska

Publication: 2011

Pages: 63

File Size: 4.4 MB


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