Hey Mama! PRINT Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017


This planner is full of calendars, lists, and charts – all to help you keep your family on schedule. Don’t miss your chance to own our physical 2016-2017 Schoolhouse Planner! 

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The 2016/2017 “Hey Mama Planner” is full of tips, tools, and timely devotions that will encourage and bless you as you homeschool. Each monthly calendar has big squares to write in. Plus, there are pages for notes, weekly agendas, goals, book logs, and curriculum tracking. The “Hey Mama Planner” also has writing prompts, story starter ideas, a timeline of inventions, states and capitals, transcripts, and plenty of other helpful tools for your school year. And, of course,  there are inspiring, heartwarming devotions and Scripture to refresh and motivate you!

This planner is the biggest ever – 196 pages! It measures 9″x11″x.5″ with silver wir-o binding.


2016 Hey Mama Print Planner SAMPLER

Suggestion for how to use the weekly planning pages:

These weekly planning pages were designed to be able to be used by a family with one child or more. Across the top of the columns you can label it for the five days of the week, or you can label it for multiple children. If you have less than five children you can use the fifth column, to make notes (co-op, appointments, field trips, etc.).

Down the left side of the page, each row can be used for a different subject. Line one would be Bible, and then under each child’s name, you can write a letter for the day of the week. Beside each letter, write the assignment for the day. This provides you a check off for each day of the week for each child, and it gives them a place to look for their assignment. Work your way down the rows for each subject. Since there are 7 boxes, you have plenty of room for numerous classes.

It’s then easy to see at a glance what each child is supposed to accomplish for the week.

If you have one child, you can use the tops of the columns to list each day of the week, and then you can use the rows for each subject. You will have more room to write for one child versus someone like me who has multiple children.



Here are what customers are saying about this amazing planner:

I used the physical Hey Mama Planner, and it was such a huge blessing! From the Hey Mama doses of encouragement inside, you can draw what you need from them to know that you’re doing this whole homeschooling thing right. The Planner was also chock full of reading logs, attendance records, interesting fact lists, etc. And it’s the absolute best option for people like me who have more than one child. I love it! S. Seabolt


Thank you for producing this planner year after year!  We look forward to all the bells and whistles it provides each year. It helps keep our family on track, providing calendars for several different needs. We love the option of filling in our own dates for some of our kids.  I anticipate the encouraging articles that have clearly been written with great thought and care. Thank you!  Helena Puksta, homeschool mom of three growing boys and Latvian Teacher,


“Wow! From the typical calendars and record-keeping pages to great info about history and civics, this planner really has it all! I especially loved the motivational pages with each month’s calendar that remind us why we chose this homeschooling lifestyle and helps to keep our minds and hearts focused on what’s most important. Well done Old Schoolhouse Magazine!” K. Lauria


Sometimes you just need a single place to keep track of the plans, notes, and visions you have for your homeschool year. The 2016-2017 Hey Mama! print planner from The Old Schoolhouse magazine offers space for each of those things, plus thoughtful Hey Mama! meditations, and a selection of helpful resources such as a page of story starters, a list of states and capitals, and other useful reference items. This is a resource you will use daily.  Janice Campbell,

What a wonderful planner! I love having the annual calendars for 2016-2018 at my fingertips. The monthly calendars are sized well for keeping my children’s appointments and events organized, and the blank weekly planning sheets can be utilized differently depending on the busyness of the week and what I need to focus on with my kids. Perhaps my favorite part, though, are the loving notes to me that are interspersed throughout; they remind me what’s truly important. C. Daws

The new “Hey Mama” Print Planner is amazing! Calendars, forms, lists, reminders, scripture, fact sheets, goals, charts, encouragement…’s all there! Any type of homeschooling form you could possibly need (or didn’t even know you needed!) is at your fingertips. The vintage script, black & white photos and fun facts only add to it’s charm. I would say that this planner has everything to keep you organized, encouraged and on track through your homeschooling journey! Thank you so much for putting it together. I can’t wait to use it! J. Hawkins, New Gloucester, ME

The “Hey Mama Schoolhouse Planner” is spectacular!  It is such a blessing and encouragement for moms! It is a perfect journal and way to keep your homeschooling organized!    I recommend it for all moms and even grandmothers!  S. Jeffus

“This planner has the right focus: His truth, love and encouragement to keep us organized and get us through the most chaotic of days! Thank you, Gena, for writing this and making it available to all of us, reminding us to be loving, gentle, and thankful today! For our children’s sake.” Cathy Diez-Luckie

In the all the years that I have homeschooled my children I have never found a planner like this one! Gena’s planner consistently encourages the “Mama” in me. I am truly grateful for the Christ centered focus and the physical organization of this planner, combined with a true understanding of the needs of a homeschooling family. Thank you Gena for allowing God to use your vessel to create a planner I can use as I strive to train my children up in the admonition of the Lord. K. Harris

Even this veteran homeschool mom of 16 years sometimes needs to be reminded of finding joy in the daily walk. I love this planner! M. Russell

Wow! The Hey Mama Schoolhouse Planner rocks the scheduling world with their new homeschool planner! All of its 196 pages are jam-packed full of wonderful planning tools, calendars, goal setting and attendance charts. It’s filled with warming words of affirmation from a seasoned homeschool veteran. It’s as if she is at your side encouraging you along the way! And it’s so much more! Instructions and templates for high school transcripts, academic statistics in government, geography and writing prompts. This is a homeschool mama’s dream! I highly recommend it! ~ Jan May, author, publisher, homeschool veteran

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