When we decided to homeschool our children, it was because my girls were falling through the cracks of the “Brick and Mortar” system. I found that they were learning information for the moment, but it wasn’t sinking in and becoming lifetime knowledge. They seemed to spend all their time learning things in prep of standardized

Useful Units

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  Does it seem these days like learning comes easier in bite-sized chunks? has dozens of these chunks; we just call them unit studies. Many of our semester-long and full-year classes are designed as unit studies where many topics are broken down into manageable, useful units; however, there are other smaller unit studies that

Our family is totally dependent on technology. Our kids have known how to use devices, practically from birth. Some may say we encouraged the use of computers much too early. Others will argue that we live in a digital age so the skills are essential. Up until very recently, we homeschooled solely with free resources,

Celebrate Life

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  We live in an amazing world, a world full of people who love to celebrate. Whether it is a birthday or graduation, Christmas or Flag Day, we have an excuse to break from the norm and enjoy life. History of Holidays in America is a course designed for elementary and middle school students that

It’s Storytime!

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  Children love stories! Adults do, too. I suspect that’s why Jesus shared so many parables. We understand difficult concepts better through the telling of a story. Two of the newest classes on get the point across through storytelling. Bible Lessons with Paws and Tales shares Biblically based concepts like being thankful, overcoming fear,

Confessions of Extremist Parents

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With tears streaming down her face my friend’s daughter was incredulous as she exclaimed, “I am in college and you are sending me to camp?”   Another friend sent his son to a Summit Conference with the following admonition, “You are sitting on a fence with a foot in the world and a foot in the

It’s Time To Get Our Hands Dirty

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Spring is in the air, flowers, and buds; it’s everywhere! What an excellent opportunity to get out and explore, plant a garden, or create collections. Even journaling Spring and the vast number of new beginnings it fosters can be a wonderful way to “science” or spend time in nature just for fun. There are many

Embracing the Chocolate Volcano

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When my children were young, I often used a thematic approach when planning the school year. I would choose the main topics that I wanted to cover and then search for related material for each subject area. Sometimes the related material was a bit of a stretch, but if it fit the theme and seemed