Change: An Inevitable Part of Homeschooling

  Early in our homeschooling years when I would buy curriculum, my husband would say things like “Are you going to stick with this one?” or “Is this the last curriculum you will buy?” or “This will work for all of them, right?” At first, I would try to convince him that it would be

Date Night Deals

date night activities
  Since the focus for February is usually love, I am sharing a few ways my husband and I have date nights that are romantic, fun, and within our monthly budget. Though all household budgets are different, these tips will still be a good starting point for you to build on or reduce as needed

What is Love?

valentine's day
  February seems to revolve around Valentine’s Day, and the theme of love. A lot of money is spent on showing that special someone how loved they are. How do we define love? Everyone wants to be loved and feel loved. Would you describe love as a warm and fuzzy feeling? Is love a box

A Review of “The Glass Universe”

the glass universe
  While doing inventory at work recently, I found the book The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel. Although I am not a science person, I decided to read the blurb. Fascinated by the historical aspects, I knew I had to review it. I will be examining it based on worldview, family friendliness, educational merit, and

How to Teach your Children to Live with Less

  As a 13-year-old teenager, I was devastated when my parents moved from the country to the suburbs. I left behind all of my friends from a small school, only to find myself in a junior high school class triple the size. My parents bought a bigger house and with three of us growing teenagers,
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, A decade from now, those hyper little monkeys of yours will be big. Maybe even all grown up. Your life will be VERY different than it is now. You won’t recognize it. Maybe less chaotic. Maybe fewer cookie crumbs on the floor. Maybe less spit-up and tear-soaked (or snotty) shoulders; your clothes

Cherish the Memories

  When our daughter was very little, not yet two, my parents gave her the gift of a picture book and a stuffed animal that went with it. The book was Jane Simmon’s Come Along, Daisy! The whimsical illustrations in the book invite the reader into Daisy’s world, as seen through the eyes of a

Making Time for Family

  In the world today, it is so easy to get busy and forget what matters most to us here on earth. Our families need our love and undivided attention, but often, we are distracted with things like our phones, computers, or television. I know I have been guilty of putting things above my time

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