Casting Down Generational Walls

Why Your Kids Should Spend More Time With Older People
  In the past few months, I have heard a troubling viewpoint. While it takes many forms, the gist of it goes like this, “It is all important that a child or young person be surrounded by others of their age.” Most of the time these comments fall from well-intentioned lips, but as a young

5 Things I Wish People Knew about Homeschoolers

5 things i wish people knew about homeschoolers
  Eventually, we all meet people who ask us “No school today?” Inevitably on Mondays when we are at the grocery store in the middle of the day or on a Friday when we go on a fun field trip. They are wondering why our kids are out and about on a “school” day when

Homeschooling with a Heart for Christ

Let Him Guide Your Homeschool
  This time of year, I’m more often than not preoccupied with thoughts of curriculum and lesson planning. I’m excited for the start of a new school year and anticipating the flurry of activity days and field trips from the two homeschool groups our family is a part of. It’s the season of hoping and
One of our bloggers, Susan Reed, has a distribution center in Texas for homeschool families that were affected by the recent hurricane. She is collecting curriculum and school supplies and has many needs that must be filled. If you would like to find out how you can help, please go to her personal blog site

When The Season Changes

When Your Children Move Away
  I pulled onto the highway and accelerated as I merged into traffic. A Honda CRV passed me and suddenly a lump built in my throat and I was surprised by the sudden emptiness in my heart. I had just said goodbye to my son and watched his CRV pass me as he headed back

Am I Enough?

When You Don't Feel Sufficient To Homeschool Your Children
  As a new homeschool year is starting back, many questions fill my mind. Can I juggle three different grades, take care of a toddler and a baby, and still get the house work done without being completely overwhelmed? Did we make the right choice for me teaching instead of doing video lessons again? Am

Free Winter PRINT Issue

  One week only! (then it’s $10) Another school year is about to take off! We would love to encourage you and provide valuable resources for you throughout the year. Connect with us by signing up for our FREE weekly Homeschooling with Heart Blog posts. Just for considering signing up, for one week only, we

The “B” Word

why it is important for kids to be bored
  I cringe every time I hear this word said in our home, and as the days become wetter and colder, I seem to hear it frequently throughout the day. “I’m bored, Momma. There’s nothing to do.” I am a firm believer that our kids NEED to be bored. I don’t think I knew this

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