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All About Learning Press – GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!

by / Tuesday, 01 October 2013 / Published in Blog, Giveaway, Interview

The winner of this month’s giveaway is:  Amber!

Amber – We use AAS for my older child. REALLY want to try AAR for my younger. We are struggling with reading!!

Amber, please email me with your contact information, joann at thehomeschoolmagazine dot com.

Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll be having another giveaway very soon.  :)

AAR Level3B

All About Learning Press

Gena Suarez

Recently I had an opportunity to interview an enthusiastic homeschool mom, Lisa Barthuly, who loves All About Learning Press’s products. We are excited to introduce you to this outstanding company, their vision, and their products. Let’s get started!


GENA: Familiarize us with All About Learning Press. What curriculum is offered?

LISA: All About Learning Press focuses on teaching Reading and Spelling—the foundation blocks.


GENA: Tell us about the All About Spelling program. What levels are offered, and what does a lesson include?

LISA: All About Spelling teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help your student become a proficient speller for life.  I love the organized fashion in which Marie teaches. It is easy on the parent, easy on the child, and bottom line—it works. Our lessons are multisensory, created to teach children the way they learn naturally, with sight, sound, and touch. Your child will use letter tiles on a white board, flashcards, word banks, customized spelling lists, dictation, writing exercises, and 100% decodable readers throughout the program.


GENA: Does AALP provide you with a teacher’s guide?

LISA: AALP offers what they refer to as “Open and Go” Lesson Plans, and the Teacher’s Manual is extremely easy to use! It’s lightly scripted and the information is presented clearly, with teaching tips just where you need them. No previous teaching experience is necessary in order to succeed with these programs—just jump right in and get started! Each lesson will require approximately 15–20 minutes each day. At the All About Learning Press website, you can download sample lessons.


GENA: Tell us more about the All About Reading program.

LISA: I really love All About Reading. Watching my youngest start with the pre-reading level and then advance through Level 1, then Level 2—and now we are anxiously awaiting the release of Level 3—has been such a blessing. My son is reading, and more importantly he understands the rules that go with reading. What a blessing to see him “get it” and to see the smile he gets when he’s mastered another lesson and gets to put the sticker on his lesson tracking poster. The program is so easy for me to use. We just grab his “Reading Tote” and head to the couch for reading lessons. It’s all put together for us. Best of all? We both love it and—it works. Beautifully.

All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that starts with essential pre-reading skills and continues on to teach all five key components of reading. It contains everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!

Powerful teaching methods are at the center of All About Reading. The multisensory approach makes it easy for students to grasp the concepts, and the built-in review system helps learning stick. Kids look forward to reading lessons because of the motivating, hands-on activities. The mastery-based, building-block program works with kids who have learning disabilities, as well as with those who do not. Their explicit teaching helps students succeed.

All About Reading makes the teacher’s job easy and stress-free. Everything is planned out for you with “open and go” lesson plans. Lessons are organized so that you don’t have to figure out what to teach next. You don’t have to worry about missing some critical element of teaching reading, because it’s all included. If you ever have a question, just pick up the phone or email them. When you purchase the program, you automatically receive free lifetime support.


GENA: How do you know which level to choose?

LISA: They make it really easy—just go to their website, where they offer placement guides for each level.


GENA: What do you need to do if you are teaching more than one child?

LISA: All you need is an extra Student Packet!


GENA: Can products be ordered individually?

LISA: Yes! You can order individual “parts and pieces” of the program, and they have also created packages that include everything you need, from individual sets of sticker sheets to track reading lessons completed, to a wonderful, all-inclusive, All About Reading Tote Bag that includes an entire level and (for lower levels) a Ziggy the Zebra Puppet!


GENA: Does All About Learning Press offer any type of guarantee on their products?

LISA: Yes—an amazing one! You have one full year to try out All About Reading. Go ahead and use it! If it doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, simply return the materials within one year for a full refund of the purchase price. They also offer amazing customer service for life.


GENA: What is the cost of the products?

LISA: It varies, depending on what you’re purchasing, of course, but a Basic Level Kit with everything you’ll need for the year ranges from $79 to $99.


GENA: What is the website address?

LISA: Their website address is www.AllAboutLearningPress.com.


TOS: Thank you for introducing us to All About Learning Press!


Paul and Gena Suarez
Publishers, Owners
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC
The HomeschoolMagazine.com
Read the current issue here – TOSMagazine


Lisa Barthuly lives in the mountains of the American Redoubt with her family. She is a Follower of Yeshua, Torah Lover, Helpmeet, and Homeschoolin’ Mama! She enjoys a simple, home-centered life, built on God’s foundations; studying scripture, homeschooling, scratch baking & cooking, canning, candle making, gardening organically, raising dairy goats & chickens, she’s the family herbalist, enjoys goat milk mochas, reading and loves a round of competitive target practice!  Visit her at her ‘homestead on the web’ at:  HomesteadOriginals  & check out her book: A Simply Homemade Clean




Now for the giveaway.  Please leave a comment about the interview or ask a question in the comments section and you will be entered in a drawing to win a level of your choice from from All About Learning Press, over a $100.00 valued giveaway.  Please, one entry per person.  The drawing will be on September 30th and the prize will be shipped direct to the winner from All About Learning Press by mid October.



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89 Responses to “All About Learning Press – GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!”

  1. SAHMinIL says :

    I would love to try ABL products. I always here such great things about them.

  2. Lynsie says :

    I have been looking at this for next year. Thanks for answering the questions. I love that there are free placement tests on their website!

  3. Kimberly R says :

    Would love to be able to win this! One of my kids is struggling right now on reading and would love to give this a try :)

  4. Does the spelling program have to be started at same time of level 1 reading or can I wait a little longer? My kids are learning English (we’re adopting older children) and I don’t want to push them too fast with spelling. They hopefully will be starting level 1 of the reading in 2014.
    heatherlbrandt (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Lori H. says :

      I think if you look at the FAQ’s on their website they generally reccomend doing the AAR level 1 first and then doing the AAS. The reasoning is that by the end of AAR level 1 they will be reading, and as a result have more confidence. I do know of families that have done both at the same time. It just really depends on the individual child. We have elected to wait on the AAS until we get a bit further in our HWT curriculum. Hope that helps?!!

  5. Leah says :

    Great interview–I wasn’t aware of the return policy….not that we needed it, All About Reading has been a great fit for our family! Thanks so much for the chance to win another level! :)

  6. Margarita Rivera says :

    After everything I’ve read about it, I definitely want to try it. I would love the pre-reading one for my son. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It seems well worth the money. I’m pretty excited about it. Just don’t have money at the moment for it, but looking forward to try it out in the near future.

  7. Jeanna says :

    Thanks for the information. This is a program I have been wanting to try!

  8. M. L. Williams says :

    My kids are self-directed learners. Does this program work well for this type of student?

  9. Carrie Hoke says :

    Thanks for posting this interview. I have been considering this curriculum, and it helps to get more information.

  10. Kelly Barnett says :

    We’ve enjoyed our All About spelling 1.

  11. Judith Martinez says :

    I think this looks like such a great way to teach reading! I like that it is so hands on and has a lot less writing involved. This would work well for my children that are ready to read but whose small motor skills are not quite ready to write.

  12. Michelle says :

    That was a wonderfully informative interview! I would love to get to try another level of AAR. We tried the pre-level but it was a bit behind where my kids are and even though I’ve heard wonderful things I haven’t been able to try level 1 yet. I love the open and go approach though, and it’s a definite asset to our homeschool (my kids miss Ziggy!).

  13. Sarem C says :

    I liked reading how their program is multisensory & mastery based! Very appealing, would love to try it with my son.

  14. Kala says :

    I have heard wonderful things about AAR!! I would love to win this for my daughter

  15. Julie says :

    We use AAR 1 and love it. I need to order AAR 2 soon as we are on the last few lessons of AAR 1. My older child is already on AAS 5. We can’t say enough good things about the two programs.

  16. Melissa Riggs says :

    Sounds like a great program. I would love to try this with my son who. It sounds like it would be a great fit for him.

  17. Ginene says :

    I would love to try this product.

  18. Jen says :

    Hi. I would have preferred a review that specifically looks at level 3, since that is the newest level being promoted. What learning goals are met in level 3. I know I can look online for a sample, but having a review specific to its use, would have been ideal for me. I am an AAS fan! Thanks for hosting the contest!

  19. Beth N says :

    Have heard wonderful things about your products. We will actually be starting AAS 1 with our youngest in about 2 weeks, so I am looking forward to giving it a try. I was not aware of the generous return policy. That’s great!

  20. elen says :

    would love to try this product

  21. Stacey P. says :

    I think it is very important that there are placement tests! I love the multi sensory approach AND open and go for moms! I have been admiring this program from afar for quite awhile! I’m a little leary on dropping a lot of money on a program because then I worry about what will happen if it isn’t a good fit.

  22. Kristene says :

    I love seeing homeschool moms excited about curriculum. Such a fun interview!

  23. Brandy says :

    I agree that AALP products are “open and go.” We own many AALP products and can’t wait to add more!

  24. Kate D says :

    I’m 6 weeks in using AAS level 1 with my 2nd grade son and just ordered AAR 1 for him and my 5 yo daughter. Despite a solid year of teaching phonics and reading last year my son still has major gaps in understanding. I’d love to win so I can buy AAR or AAS level 2! I’ve put these off because of the expense and I really wish I hadn’t.

  25. Dawn Miller says :

    Great interview! We are currently using All About Spelling and LOVE it! Looking to add All About Reading too.

  26. Dawn says :

    The multi-sensory approach to spelling is fantastic! I have a child with SPD and possibly another who has yet to be evaluated. Hands on, sensory-filled learning totally works for us. Would love to win this package for our family!

  27. Kristi says :

    I use AAS level 1 – I’d love to try AAR with my daughter!! We love the spelling program!!!

  28. Cherie B says :

    I love All About Spelling! I should say, “we” love it. My daughter asked to do the AAS program because she loves it. She is a very tactile learner and highly “right brain”oriented. She struggles with spelling but is an avid reader. This program fits so many learning styles and has been a great fit for my daughter. She use to have melt downs about spelling tests, now she is beginning to like spelling.

  29. gen says :

    My kids would definitely benefit from any of their products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Stacey P. says :

    I have looked at this product so many times. I’m glad to see that you now have a placement test. I have called to talk about the product but at the time I was unable to purchase it. Thank you for the great interview transcript and give away!

  31. Dana M says :

    Love AAL products! Thanks for the great interview!

  32. Erica E. says :

    I keep hearing great things about AAR, primarily the fact that kids seem to enjoy doing the lessons everyday! I would love to try it out. I may be switching soon!

  33. rebecca says :

    I would LOVE to win this. We use all about spelling and have wanted the reading program as well. Thank you for this giveaway.

  34. Elizabeth L. says :

    How does this program work for children with speech/language disorders? Two of my daughters (both currently 6 years old) have Childhood Apraxia of Speech and are showing signs of Dyslexia. They have a really difficult time with phonics and we have tried so many programs that don’t work for them. Would this program be helpful in our situation?

    • Barbie says :

      Speaking from trial & error experience, I can heartily recommend this for your daughters. I wish we hadn’t struggled for so long without AAS.

  35. Kristie says :

    I have been working on reading with my 7 year old, and she is able to sound out some words pretty quickly, but not a fluent reader yet. I know we have some work to do! I would love to try out this curriculum.

  36. Cammy says :

    We have used All About Spelling 1 & 2 and are looking forward to 3!! :)

  37. Kelli C. says :

    I have looked numerous times at the AAS and AAR programs. Would love the chance to try it with my son. And a good excuse to buy a large white board!

  38. DERRICK C. says :

    It looks like this could be a great product to add to our curriculum. I like the “open and go” concept. Sounds like its very easy to use.

  39. LeAnn says :

    We have used the Pre Reading Program and are now on Level 1. We have enjoyed the activities and games! The hands on approach has been the key! Thank you for the opportunity to continue our journey!

  40. jess in nm says :

    Just started using this program and my son loves it! Would love to try the spelling program!

  41. Jennifer says :

    Thanks for the interview. We have ordered AAS1 and are anxiously awaiting it. I would love to win AAS2.

  42. Tiffany Burgess says :

    We have purchased the spelling program and would love to have the reading program to go with it. I love the way my son is learning spelling. This is the best program I have found. Thank you for making reading and spelling easy to teach and learn. My son flips certain words around and gets frustrated when I tell him he is wrong. This program has helped. He spells things backwards but right if you reverse the order, it is rather comical.

  43. Sarah A says :

    I would love to try AAR, I like that the teachers guide is open and go. I think it would be a great tool for us!

  44. Lori H. says :

    We are currently using the AAR level 1, and I couldn’t be more happy with a reading curriculum. I have found some great ideas which were posted on their forum by the monitors, in response to peoples questions. For instance at the beginning my daughter seemed a bit intimidated by sounding out the words. One idea I found on their forum was to have her pick out a doll or stuffed animal that can take turns learning to read. It worked like a charm. I highly reccomend the All About Learning Press products. As soon as we get a bit further in our handwriting lessons, I plan to add in AAS. My daughter is already on her own building the words she has learned and in turn teaching her stuffed animals. This company’s products have been a great fit for our family!!

  45. Karen DeSantis says :

    We have been using All About Reading level 1 & All About Spelling level 1 for about 6 weeks. It’s great, it’s the only program that has worked for my daughter. I absolutely love it. In fact, I wish we had just started with it in the first place. I didn’t know about the return policy (which I won’t be using) or the lifetime customer service. I hope to order Level 2 in both Reading and Spelling, in the next few months. GREAT program!!!

  46. Cynthia says :

    I wish this program had been around when our oldest kids were still in school. I’m excited to use it with my youngest!

  47. Sharon says :

    The programs sound wonderful. Would the reading program be good to use with a struggling reader?

  48. Barbie says :

    My youngest is loving AAR1 with Ziggy, & my oldest is using AAS1. I appreciate the logical, engaging approach. AAL provides solid foundations, sturdy scaffolding, & strong walls. I recommended AAS to a friend this summer, & she is thrilled that— at long last— spelling is making sense to her daughter.

  49. Misty says :

    I have been checking this out – would love to try it. One child is bored with what we have been using.

  50. Randy Baker says :

    I have a little girl bursting to start a reading program. I had been shopping around some and have been curious about this program. Excited to be able to use with multiple children.
    Hope I win!

  51. Teresa Locklear says :

    Have heard great things about this program and would love a chance to try this with my first grader.

  52. Joy Bear says :

    THis sounds like an interesting plan. The time spent sounds good as well. I have multiple children and want to get quality time in while we are learning. I like the idea of the reading bag. I may try this even if I don’t win.

  53. Margaret says :

    Thanks for the thorough review. The multi-sensory approach sounds interesting for the right brained thinker who might not intuitively be a good speller. I would be interested in trying this program out.

  54. Karen says :

    There are so many spelling programs out there! This curriculum sounds fun & exciting! No drudgery at all! I would love to use this for my 4th child.

  55. Sarah says :

    I would love to try All About Learning. I have 4 kids that I think would really benefit. It’s great that there is a placement program. With All About Spelling, would I start them all from the beginning and go from there or is there placement for those programs?

  56. adi says :

    I’ve used AAS levels 1 & 2, and we’re working on 3, all with my mildly dyslexic child. I like it a lot.

  57. Jennifer Gilliam says :

    How is the reading program for a dyslexic??

  58. Jen says :

    I love All About Spelling. I just wish I would have bought the box for all of the cards. Maybe I can win it?! ; )

  59. Lisa says :

    We are using AAR level 1 now. Would love the next level!

  60. Kathrine says :

    I agree that AAR is “open and go” teaching. That is only one part that I’m loving about it, though. My son just started level 1 and he already has much more confidence in his reading ability. He’s succeeding (finally!) and he’s excited and he asks to work on his lessons almost every day. I’d love to try the AAS program.

  61. Amanda says :

    I am really, very interested in this program. Every time I read about it, I just get reassureance that this is going to be a wonderful spelling curriculum for 2 of my children. One is 10 years old and is still struggling to read, and gets very overwhelmed any time he tries to read. I also have a 3 year old, who is just starting to read. I am very excited, just cannot afford it right now.

  62. Rebecca Soto says :

    Such an informative and helpful interview. Thank you! The support mentioned in the interview, is that mainly for product help (ie: not sure what level to buy) or do they also help if you have questions about learning struggles, such as, my son often writes his letters backward. Would they advise on how to help him with this?

  63. Shelli says :

    I would love the opportunity to try All About Learning. My daughter is just beginning to read and I would love to have more books that are at her reading level.

  64. Queenie says :

    Thank you for the interview! I did not know AAR was multi-sensory like AAS! Now I am interested in looking at it further!

  65. Aimee says :

    I would love to have AAR to use with my kindergartner. I’m using AAS with my 2nd grader and really like it’s thoroughness.

  66. Margie says :

    This sounds like a great program for 2 of my children! I like that everything is planned out, I need that.
    I hope I win!

  67. Lorie says :

    We are first year homeschoolers of two boys, ages 7 & 9. Having come out of the public schools, we are still finding our way and our curricula that would be best for our boys, both of whom have ADHD and one has some processing issues. Could AAR be useful for their specific needs? Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  68. Lawanna says :

    As a veteran home school mom, I was shocked to have never heard of this before. It sounds like a great program & would love to win!

  69. Cassi M says :

    This sounds great! Would love to try it!!

  70. Carol says :

    Good to know about this! I’m in the process of teaching my twins to read, and looking for new ideas, so I will look into this one!

  71. Teresa says :

    I have three children, my youngest is in 2nd grade and she is having a very difficult time with reading. Would this program help her?

  72. Angela V says :

    Sounds like a great way to start reading with preschoolers!! Its great to hear about the refund policy.

  73. Irina K says :

    I’m surprised how many people love this program!!! Thank you for giving it away at least to one lucky family:)

  74. Amber says :

    We use AAS for my older child. REALLY want to try AAR for my younger. We are struggling with reading!!

  75. Kandi says :

    I love this program. I am looking forward to seeing level 3. I hope they keep them coming. My youngest son learned to read with this curriculum and my youngest daughter is using the spelling program.

  76. Laura Darnell says :

    I would love to try AAS with my child! It sounds wonderful!

  77. Jill Johnson says :

    Love the assessments to figure out where to start — ages and traditional grade levels so often don’t tell you where the child is relative to the materials.

  78. Nicole K says :

    I am so looking into this. This sounds just like what my son needs. So excited for this program.

  79. Alice Crabb says :

    Thanks for hosting the contest. This looks like a fun and thorough reading program. Would love to try it out!

  80. KMR says :

    I love the “open and go” lessons. We would love to have AAR level 3. Thanks so much for making this curriculum.

  81. Ivette says :

    I’ve recommended this product to so many moms, homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers, who have unsuccessfully tried other programs. I would love to try this new level and, at our home, we’re all-about-reading!

  82. crystle says :

    Wow!!! You have answered all of my questions about this product! I have a struggling reader and I think this is just what we need!! Thank You for the great info.!!

  83. Laura McDonald says :

    My first year homeschooling and just learning of this program. It looks great and sounds great. Thank you for the chance to win.

  84. Laura says :

    Your programs for reading and spelling are interesting. For what age levels are your materials appropriate? If tutoring, would these programs be helpful? Would the material be insulting, offensive or silly for adults? i.e., Would this work for international or English as a second language individuals in their teens or older, who are challenged in reading and spelling English or is it only geared for children? Thank you.

  85. Kris Franklin says :

    I enjoyed the interview, but my question is this: Are your products good for a 14 year old who is not a good speller or reader?

  86. Priscilla Renfrow says :

    Can this program be used with multiple levels of learners?

  87. Rebecca says :

    It was hard for me to think of a question because the interview was so thorough. My question is – Which do you think would be more important to do first, the spelling program or reading program? Thanks!

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