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The Familyman 

I’m back. After almost a month of traveling, speaking, and enjoying some sun and warmth, we pulled into chilly northern, Indiana yesterday afternoon. It got a little nerve-wracking on the way home with a five-hour break-down delay . . . but God was gracious, and we got’er fixed and arrived home safe and grateful. Now if we can just get “the beast” unloaded and tucked in for the winter.


While on the road, we met so many homeschooling parents who feel just like you do. They want to raise children who love God and are prepared for the future. They feel worried, unsure, and wonder if they’re ruining them instead.


Would you listen to me and relax? I’ve seen their kids, which are like yours, and you’re all doing a great job.


And as far as socialization, let’s put that little question to bed forever!!! It just doesn’t hold water anymore. We’ve been homeschooling for decades, and the truth is homeschool kids are “plenty socialized.” I speak to homeschool families as well as non-homeschooled families all over the country, and the homeschool kids are “WAY” better at engaging and “socializing” (in a healthy way) than their counterparts. Your in-laws, neighbors, and friends think the same (although they may not say it). Even an honest school teacher will agree. Home is the best place for kids, and it’s the perfect place to learn (and practice) social skills.


Have a great week enjoying your children and be real,




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Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6

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