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Relational Homeschooling    

Diana Waring

Dear Friends,

I am wondering if that question already makes you feel guilty? I mean, what if you have a high schooler and he DOESN’T have a career path in mind? Or, what if your high schooler’s desire is to excel in skateboarding (and you are embarrassed to tell anyone)? This can be a loaded question . . . so I am really glad we are dealing with it today.

Can I tell you straight off that every homeschool mom I have ever met (including me) looks around at other families and wonders why those other families are successful and she (we) are not? Sirens and car alarms need to go off when we start down this trail of doubting what is happening with our kids and our homeschooling, because it is a lose/lose proposition.

So, let’s take a stroll down another trail, shall we? Let’s consider what some of the possibilities are for your high schoolers:

They may know exactly what they want to do. That is normal for SOME kids.

They may have several, mutually exclusive, ideas about what they want to do. That is normal for SOME kids.

They may still be enjoying growing up, without the pressure of having to decide yet what they want to do. That is normal for SOME kids.

They may want to do something, like become an astronaut or an NBA player, that is out of reach for most (though, they might be the one who actually does it–somebody has to!). That is normal for SOME kids.

They may want to go to college and figure out their major once they get there. That is normal for SOME kids.

They may want to broaden the lawn-mowing (or cake decorating, or tutoring, or . . .) business they started a few years ago into a landscape (bakery, learning center, or . . .) business. That is normal for SOME kids.

Do you notice the repeating refrain here? Of course you do. And, your heart has known this all along, dear friends. The fear that overwhelms us is not telling us the truth. The comparison that defeats us is not telling us the truth, either.

Apart from something traumatic happening in their lives, each of our children is right on target for his unique journey, for his unique life. And even if trauma is there, help is available. I know from personal experience that young people can pick up the threads of their journey and continue to walk out the adventure of life.

I should mention, too, that our kids can–and will–make mistakes as they walk through their lives. That should seem very familiar, as each of US has made mistakes, too!

Help them process their next steps, wherever they are in this stage of development. You are their greatest cheerleader, their biggest fan club.

Remember, stay relational!




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