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This was one product the children and I loved reviewing! As soon as the Wedgits arrived, all six children began assembling anything and everything they could and stayed at it for HOURS! From the 18 month old building simple towers (and then knocking them over) to the 13 year old "wedging" pieces together to create unique designs, these simple multi-sized squares and octahedrons made of hard plastic were a big hit. Hundreds of idea cards were included which the older children (9 and up) could easily follow. When I first saw them, I thought the children would only play with them once or twice and then be bored with them, however, it's the simple things in life that cause the most enjoyment, and these are no exception. They continue to hold all of the children's attention, and the children are seen creating with them whenever possible.

I can't quite describe the learning processes each child employs while playing with Wedgits, but Timberdoodle's website puts it like this: They will find that it's possible to make the blocks "wedge" together and form solid structures and very complex models. While simple in design, using Wedgits will test your child's dexterity as well as his spatial skills and stretch his cognitive thinking abilities. I'm for anything that will stretch their thinking abilities in such a totally creative and entertaining way.

The Wedgits line includes:

Starter Set (ages 2+)
Junior Set (ages 3+)
Deluxe Set (ages 5+)
Explorer Pak-125 (ages 8+)
Expansion Sets 1 and 2

Although they have suggested ages for different sets, all of my children have been able to use the one Explorer Set with an Expansion set. I fully agree with my son, Christopher (age 11), who said, "I like them because all ages can use them and because they're fun!"

-- Product Review by: Deborah Wuehler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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