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Radical Sport Racer Science Kit

By: Seibun USA

PMB 55 26100 Newport Rd A12
Menifee, CA 92584
1-888-684-7873 or 951-246-7980

The Radical Sports Racer Science Kit is a fun way to teach about electricity and parallel circuits, gears, and electromagnets to any age. The kit comes with everything you need except for scissors and batteries.

The kit includes all the pieces to build the car, instruction sheet, which has step by step directions for the experiments. There is also vocabulary lists for each experiment. The instructions are very well explained and thorough.

Seibun USA Science kits are used in schools, homeschools, educational research facilities in several countries, science and technology training programs, youth groups, camps, and many more. One of their largest users is the Japanese school system of 26,000. Seibun USA is a branch of SeibunSYA Co. LTD, which is the leading manufacturer and supplier of educational products in Japan.

My whole family enjoyed building and learning with the Radical Sport Racer Kit. My husband even joined us. Besides my family learning about science they also learned that teamwork is fun, and if you work together instead of against each other, you accomplish more. Keeping my children focused on the lesson was extremely easy because they enjoyed the hands on; my three-year-old even stayed focused through each lesson.

Complete 6 Curriculums, Lessons, Labs, Workshops & Activities CD
By Seibun USA

This CD is full of lessons to go along with the science kits. The lessons are very thorough. The first set of lessons listed is Circuit, Light, and Switch. In this lesson, you will build a circuit that includes a mini light bulb and a switch. There is a twelve-page lesson plan to go with this. In the lesson plan it will include " What the student may learn" where it is explained what will be learned from the lesson. In this particular lesson, the student will be learning the basics of circuit construction and electron flow in circuits. This is only one of the curriculums on this CD; they are very thorough and have everything you need to teach that specific topic.

To do the lessons you will need the science kit that goes along with it. You can find these kits and other products on their website. On their website, they have a lot more information that is very useful also including a FREE LESSONS section. You can also view the awards that Seibun has received for their educational products here.

I have only shared one of the curriculums on this CD, there are five more that are VERY interesting and the best thing is they are hands on so children stay focused and remember more because the participation is fun. Who can pass up having fun and learning at the same time?

-- Product Review by: Judy Wales, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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