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Know the USA: Complete set of 60 US History and Government Learning/Trading cards

By: Don Michael Sirianni

Know the USA, Inc.
1900 Empire Blvd., #157
Webster, NY 14580

I have to preface this review by saying that I'm biased. I'm one of those strange people who love flash cards, believe in flash cards, and made it through elementary, middle, and high school, and then college and graduate school by studying with flash cards. If there is something, with any kind of details or dates, that has to be remembered, a flash card is waiting to be made. Needless to say, my children have heard, as a conservative rough estimate, zillions of times, "why don't you go through what you've just studied, make a stack of flash cards, and quiz each other."

That said, I received a very cool little playing card size box of what I'd call "flash cards," chock full of history and civics facts. These cards are geared for students from 5th grade through college, and are a great overview of US history and civics.

When I received this set of cards we were getting ready to go on a trip to China. At the time I was starting to put together "stuff" for the kids to do during the 30 hours or so it would take to get to our destination. What better thing than a set of cards that took up almost no room, and they might actually learn something.

Well, I have to say that our kids, ages 12, 10, and 7, thoroughly enjoyed the Know the USA set of cards. I pulled them out about 6 hours into our 16-hour flight to Beijing, they looked horrified at first, and then started reading the information on each card. Before long they had devised a game to quiz each other. They worked with these cards for about three hours during that flight, one asked if he could keep the cards in his backpack, and several times during the next couple of weeks, my husband and I saw the kids pull them out to quiz each other during times when there were waits or nothing much was happening.

Would I recommend the "Know the USA - US History and Government cards"? You bet! I saw three children thoroughly enjoy themselves learning facts via these cards. Also, at one hotel, two of our boys became friends with a young boy, 12 years of age, and they quizzed each other. What fun and what a great way to learn.

As I studied these cards, and watched the children use them, I also felt that these would be an excellent way to determine what the children knew and didn't know about U.S. history and government, and where more work needed to be focused.

I highly recommend, without reservation, the "Know the USA US History and Government cards". There's a wealth of information packed into a small box just waiting to be tapped into.

-- Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analytical Consultant, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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