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WHAT?? Me Teach High School Biology?? A Research-based Independent Study Guide for Home school Families

By Bridget Ardoin
116 Fairidge Drive
Jamestown, NC 27282

WHAT?? Me Teach High School Biology?? is a year-long high school biology curriculum, divided into two semesters: The fall semester focuses on the study of cells and mitosis, building to the human body. During this semester, the student will work with the microscope, studying various types of cells, studying microbiology, growing organisms in petrie dishes, and performing blood typing. The student will also dissect a frog, a sheep pluck (heart-lungs attached), and sheep brain.

The spring semester focuses on the Animal Kingdom and begins with the more advanced animals; that is, the chordates and culminates at the simplest single-celled organisms. During this semester, the student studies the Plant Kingdom, genetics, and prepares a debate between creation and evolution. Lab work includes plant and animal dissections and microscope work on single-celled organisms.

This is an incredible curriculum, thoroughly researched and clearly presented, that will enable you to turn this area of study over to your student. The materials included - a parent's guide that comes with a lab manual, quizzes, tests, an answer key, and an independent study guide for high school students that includes a dissecting manual - allow you to feel confident that your student is thoroughly covering all areas of study required for high school biology. In fact, this curriculum is better than any other biology curriculum I've seen.

Check out Bridget's website for pricing information, kits offered for purchase to facilitate the lab work, and an overview of how Bridget came to develop this curriculum for others.

I sincerely believe that if you are ready for a biology curriculum, and want one that is comprehensive, fun, and engaging, this is the curriculum to use. Further, if the whole thought of biology makes you squeamish and you're thinking that this area of study is one that might have to be skipped, check into this curriculum. You'll not be disappointed and, more importantly, I believe your child will have a great time learning biology.

-- Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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