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Science in the Creation Week: Grades 2 -5

By David Unfred, MSc, MBA

Science in the Creation Week is a hands-on science curriculum for grades two through five. It provides the student with a developing knowledge of genuine science content through the use of hands on activities. Mr. Unfred's philosophy is that teaching science education in the elementary grades should be approached through the development of basic scientific skills. The skills taught in the Science in the Creation Week curriculum aid the student in building a "science vocabulary," rather than memorizing words that will later be forgotten. Science in the Creation Week seeks to create a foundation for understanding basic scientific concepts, principles, and laws. This understanding becomes the base for all future science courses. The exercises found therein are therefore designed to incite discovery, inquiry, and curiosity!

Science in the Creation Week has a logical progression of activities that seek to build the student's confidence and skill. This challenges him to move from the simple to the more complex. Each unit or lesson is divided into three levels of difficulty. The first level -"Explorer" corresponds to grades two and three. The second -"Investigator" is designed for third and fourth grades. The final level -"Researcher" is designed predominately for the fifth grade, giving a larger overview of operational vocabulary, with a greater emphasis on developing hypotheses and models.

Curriculum is divided into units that compliment the days of Creation (of course!). The units are: Human Senses, Light, Energy and Matter, Water and the Atmosphere, Land and Plants, Sun, Moon and Stars, Birds and Sealife, and finally, Land Animals and Humans. A minimum of preparation time is needed to set up the activities. Most of the materials used are commonly found in the home. Others may be purchased at a hardware or grocery store.

David Unfred, the author, has taught at Christian Heritage College in San Diego, the Institute for Creation Research's Graduate School, and Wayland Baptist University. Other materials written by Mr. Unfred include Dinosaurs and the Bible, The Great Dinosaur Adventure Game, Mystery of Early Man and the Bible, and When Angels Sing. He has also collaborated on the design of the Good Science K-6 Curriculum.

I liked the fact that a scope and sequence is found right in the beginning of the book. It lists all activities, the grade level as listed above, the science skills being covered, the total time involved (both in preparation and completion), as well as the page number on which the activity is found. This all makes for easy recording (for those of us who live in the states where stringent recording is required). In addition, the teacher may see at a glance which activities are appropriate and what time is needed. I also noticed that Science in the Creation Week gives a framework that could easily be adapted into a unit study if you wish to do so.

There is a unique little diagram in the introduction that I find aptly sums up Science in the Creation Week. It states: "I hear...I forget, I see...I remember, I do...I understand." Science in the Creation Week may be purchased through most major homeschool suppliers or directly from Noble Publishing. Need I say anything more!

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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