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It All Begins With Genesis: Learning to Think Biblically about the World
By Sheila Richardson

"The Holy Spirit is the One Who regenerates souls, but the impact that Answers in Genesis is having in teaching an uncompromising view of God's Word, and showing thousands, perhaps even millions, the truth that our desperate need of a Savior is rooted in the Genesis account will only clearly be seen in heaven." -- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Are you looking for a challenging, faith-solidifying curriculum to use with your student? Recommended for ages 10 - 14, but appropriate for older students as well, It All Begins With Genesis is a 34 lesson jam packed journey through Genesis 1 - 11 that will become a boundary stone in your child's development of worldview. It is designed to fit as a Sunday school curriculum, but can easily be used in the homeschool.

The study has three goals: that the student begins to solidify a Biblical worldview, that the book of Genesis be studied in depth, and that the student learn the principles of inductive Bible study. This course surpasses these goals to help us equip our Christian children to stand strong in a fallen world.

The teacher's manual is well organized and detailed. Each lesson consists of Scripture, a suggested memory verse, overview of the lesson, goals for the lesson, teacher preparation, class work, and discussion. This is not just talking stuff. There are hands-on teaching ideas as well as skits.

The accompanying student edition is life changing. The student is led through reading, observing, and drawing conclusions from Scripture. They are encouraged to challenge other views and replace them with solid Biblical truth.

Whether you are looking for a program for your own child or for something to use in a Sunday school or Christian school setting, check this out. This new product continues the tradition of excellence and depth we would expect from Answers in Genesis.
-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Here's another Answers in Genesis review!

When I was asked to express my thoughts on Answers in Genesis, I found this both a pleasure and a difficulty. A pleasure because for nine years they have been a part of my life providing rich nourishment to my spiritual soul, but a difficulty because I wanted to be able to express it adequately. My husband and I providentially came to hear Mr. Ken Ham speak at a church we were visiting and this was to prove life changing. Mr. Ham, through the AiG ministry, had solid answers to hard questions that had always disturbed me. I knew that the Bible was true, but AiG had Biblical and scientific information that illuminated difficult topics. I have watched the ministry grow and their work expand into new and challenging arenas by God's grace, and what I continue to see repeatedly are lives not only challenged but also changed. The Holy Spirit is the One Who regenerates souls, but the impact that Answers in Genesis is having in teaching an uncompromising view of God's Word, and showing thousands, perhaps even millions, the truth that our desperate need of a Savior is rooted in the Genesis account will only clearly be seen in heaven. These are godly men and women working for His glory and for the illumination and salvation of souls and I will always be grateful to them for bringing that illumination to me.

-- Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Publishers' Note: As the publishers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, we felt it necessary to include a few thoughts regarding the review of Answers in Genesis. This mainstream ministry and their staff have touched millions of people worldwide, but they may not fully understand the enormous impact they are also making on the Christian homeschooling community. In their own words, "Answers in Genesis is a Christian apologetics ministry that equips the church to uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse. The thousands of articles and media programs [AiG makes available] answer questions about creation/evolution, dinosaurs, and much more." AiG produces many materials to equip the believer with a solid Biblical worldview. They also retail a good number of further materials developed by other ministries. What they have ended up with is a goldmine of "curricula" for homeschool families everywhere, and homeschool conference directors are quick to bring AiG ministry heads and their materials out on location.

Our son, Paul, has been going through a number of items AiG either produces or makes available and is learning a good amount of science and history. Their DVDs (so many are available!) thrill him. We have been blessed beyond what was expected in our own homeschool by AiG. In fact, our son wrote some notes about his experiences with their materials so far. We encourage homeschool parents to check out AiG's online store at

Meanwhile, here is a small excerpt from our son's notes:

"I learned that God created everything perfectly and beautifully and that He did it in a unique order. First, He created the earth, space, time, and light. God had to create time because there was never any time before. God has always been around - there is no beginning or end for Him. So that means there was no time, either, meaning God needed to create it. I also learned that God made the light and darkness. He separated the light from the darkness and called the dark, night, and the light, day. This light comes from a source other than the sun, because the sun isn't created until the fourth day. The second day, He created the atmosphere. The air separated the band of water above from the globe of water below. On day three, He created dry land and plants. God separated the water on the ground so that dry land would appear. The dry land was moist and plants and trees grew and became fruitful. Now, of course we know that man or something that inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide had to come along at some point, because without oxygen-breathing organisms, the plants that took in carbon dioxide would eventually die."

“I'd go on, but this is to be an excerpt. I learned so much from Answers in Genesis, but cannot include all my notes (many pages worth) here. One other aspect of creation that excited me, though, is its history in and of itself. (You know, public schools leave out a major part of history. They remove the creation account and replace it with illogical beliefs.) For example, we get our calendar year from the revolving of the earth around the sun. One revolution equals one year. The way we get our month is based on the revolving of the moon around the earth. One revolution equals approximately one month. Now, you wonder how we get our week. Our week comes from the creation days. The first six days of the week, God worked, so we are required to work. The seventh day, this would be Saturday, that is the day of rest. God rested as our example. There is so much more that I learned and of which I took note. Their materials are highly interesting. I love their creation comics, too. I highly recommend AiG to anyone looking for answers about creation. Genesis is the place to begin your search.” Paul Suarez, Jr. (age 13)

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