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Frances Study Guide, The

By: Valerie Bendt

Common Sense Press
PO Box 1365
8786 Highway 21
Melrose, Florida 32666
(813) 238-3721

The Frances Study Guide was designed for the Frances series of books written by Russell Hoban in the 1960's. "These books feature a young badger, Frances, and her family. They contain an old-fashioned charm missing in many of today's books for children." The storybooks studied in this guide are:

Bedtime for Frances
A Baby Sister for Frances
Bread and Jam for Frances
A Birthday for Frances
Best Friends for Frances
A Bargain for Frances

In the study guide, each Frances story has a summary, materials list and lesson plans. There is also a series of questions to ask the child, thereby, increasing discussion as you read the book. Some of the questions are simple but some are fashioned to encourage higher-level thinking skills.

Hands-on activity ideas are given to breathe life into the story; for example, art projects, craft activities, games, cooking, pantomime, and songs.

Various language arts activities have been crafted to allow mom more time to read books and teach, rather than preparing activities. Some examples are sentence sequencing strips, vocabulary and picture matching pieces, making lists, writing stories, vocabulary development, word searches, and many others.

Moreover, fun sheets have been created to help you explore the similarities and differences of various topics addressed in the books (i.e. moths vs. butterflies) as well as comparing and contrasting the Frances books to other popular children's literature.

The Frances Study Guide is a "must have" for any book-loving mom who wants to teach with literature. The guide is produced for those teachers with children between the ages of 3 to 8.

--Product Review by: Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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