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Obvious Letters - Learn the Alphabet software

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Obvious Letters is a software program design for children age 2 ½ to 5 yrs old. It is design to help children learn the letters of the alphabet. The price of the CD is $18.00 and is complete with everything you need.

The software is easy to install and very easy to run. After you have it installed you just click on the start button and find Obvious Letters and click on it, now you are in the software program and on your way. The page layout is very simple, and at the top you have a "X" button to close the program when you are finished. You also have backwards and forwards buttons (< >) and it tells you what page you are on. It has 26 pages with the letters of the alphabet and you are able to click on the letters and it tells you the letter when you click on it. It also has a picture of something that starts with the letter and you can click on the word and it tells you the word. It has the same 26 pages that are able to be printed and colored to help the kids learn more.

The main idea of this program is to learn to associate letter with something that looks like the letter. For example - B is for Butterfly, so when you look at a Butterfly you can see a Capital B in the Butterfly by the shape of it.

My opinion of this software is that is a child who is new to the computer can learn a whole lot from it. If your children have been on the computer for a while, they may find the program to be slow for them. The program is well designed for education purposes.

-- Product Review By: Kimberley Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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