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God and me: 365 daily devotions

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God and me is a colorful hardcover daily devotional book for very young children. Each day has a specific subject, a paragraph relating to that subject, a prayer for the day and a suggestion for futher reading on the subject with a scripture reference listed (not scripture itself). Subjects range from breakfast, to listening, to a favorite song, to bad moods, anger, fighting, taking medicine, feeling scared, etc.

For example, September 4, Feeling Scared:

"Katie likes going to school now. But on her first day she was very scared. Have you ever been scared going somewhere new? When we are afraid we can talk to God. He is always close to us. And he can help us because God is bigger and more powerful than everything, even the things we are scared of!"

"Prayer for Today: Dear God, when I'm scared, help me remember that you love me and that you will help me. Amen."

"Make up a tune for the words from Psalm 56:3 so you can remember them when you are scared."

Personally, I like something with more of God's word in it and more "meat" in a devotional for children. I think they are capable of learning a great deal about God at an early age. However, for the very young, two and three, this book if perfect. It conveys good messages with Scripture you look up and will certainly engage a young child with its colorful layout and varied pictures of children, animals, toys, and the like. If this is what you are looking for, you have found it in God and me.

-- Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Review Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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