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Tumbleweed Opera, The Lone Stranger, and Afraidika Fever, The

By Ron "Patch" Hamilton
Majesty Music, Patch the Pirate line

I have to say that I really love Patch the Pirate - chances are you have heard of them because of the national radio broadcast The Adventures of Patch the Pirate. They seem to really love the Lord and it comes through in their music.

We had the opportunity to listen to several CDs put out by Majesty Music from the Patch the Pirate line: The Tumbleweed Opera, The Lone Stranger, and Afraidika Fever. Afraidika Fever was definitely the favorite with my boys, as they laughed along with Mr. Missionary, Lily the Elephant, and Banana Man.

Ron "Patch" Hamilton has come up with a terrific line, and he credits the Lord Jesus Christ for this. He has a neat story. He was not always a "pirate," actually. When he was 27 years old, the doctor found something wrong with his left eye and he found himself in surgery. Upon awakening, his wife gently informed him that the eye was cancer-ridden and had to be removed. Did Ron give up and succumb to depression? NO! Patch the Pirate was born and just look how the Lord has blessed Ron and his family! What a lesson for all of us. Truly, the Lord works all things for good!

"It's soooo funny. You can just sit there for two hours straight listening to the CD. The songs and stories are hilarious. The songs are Christian and they sing Bible verses. These are fun to listen to! Every other track is a story, and I like the stories the best of all. Especially tracks six, eight, and 10 of Afraidika Fever," says my 12-year-old son, Paul.

The products are colorful, professionally made, enriching, and definitely Christian in orientation - perfect for homeschool families. Patch the Pirate loves God and it comes through in his work!

The catalog is one of the nicest ones I've seen. It is very colorful and easy to navigate. What wonderful products this lovely company has to offer! Majesty Music has something for everyone.

Call Majesty Music for the catalog (1-800-334-1071) and take a look at Patch's story in detail at I think you'll be seeing more and more of him in the future!

-- Product Review by: Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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