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Quick Piano

By Renee Ellison
Cross-Over Educational Products
1000 Rim Drive
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Are you looking for a way to teach piano that is inexpensive, quick, and simple? Are you tired of arguing with your children to practice every day? This is what our seven-year-old son, Seth, had to say about Quick Piano:

"I liked my piano lessons because it showed me the keys and the chords in a picture. It was easy to learn and the practice was not very long. I would use this to teach someone else the piano because it is so easy."

Quick Piano is a unique, inexpensive, quick, and simple to follow program using four basic skills to teach piano. These four skills - Know the Keys, Sure Chords, Rapid Notes, and Right Rhythm - are taught separately until they become rapid fire automatic. The student then pulls them all together and he or she is playing the piano!

Each of the lessons is broken down into small steps for easy identification and uses simple cut apart booklets, which feature a paper keyboard. This gives the student a visual picture of the lesson and then requires practice without showing the notes. When the student has learned on the booklet, they practice on the piano. This makes it very easy to learn the fingering process, which can be difficult for younger children. Right from the beginning, the child learns that every finger has its home on the keyboard and each key has a name. Throughout the book, you find oodles of teaching notes and suggestions.

Step 1 begins with identifying the groupings of "black key" notes. In Steps 2 through 10, the student identifies and learns to play 12 chords, including sharps and flats. The idea is that the student will memorize each chord or chords, before moving on to the next lesson. In Step 11, the student begins to read music. Step 12 teaches rhythm. By Steps 13 and 14, the student is playing simple songs such as "Happy Birthday," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "Amazing Grace." There are 27 songs in all. Finally, Steps 15 and 16 include learning the bass notes.

Quick Piano builds the lessons one upon the other - STEP by STEP. It is easy for even very young children to learn, and provides a strong foundation for further instruction. We practiced three times a day and took about five minutes for each practice. Neither my husband nor I play the piano, yet we were able to teach our son to play in a very short time using this method. Our seven-year-old is so happy with his "piano experience" using this method that on a recent vacation he was overheard telling others about his lessons. On one occasion, I even caught him "teaching" piano to his younger brother.

Quick Piano does not require a lot of effort. There is no tedious practice. You will find Quick Piano a joy to use and your children will thank you too! While you are on the web, take a look at all of the other fine educational books, booklets, and seminar tapes that are offered.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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