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Pocket of Tunes, A

By: Dr. Mac and Friends

Dr. Mac Productions
1435 School House Road
Santa Barbara, Ca 93108

A Pocket of Tunes is a precious set, which includes a CD in a "pocket" of the 48-page teacher/parent guide. It is designed for children ages 4-9. Dr. Mac is a child psychologist by trade, who has designed an entertaining way to help children feel better about themselves and function fully in their worlds.

The 14-song CD includes:
1) Welcome to the Big Parade
2) Give It Back
3) Let Me Play Too
4) The Magic Word
5) At the Same Time
6) Diplodocus
7) Be Good to Yourself
8) Everybody Wants to Find a Friend
9) Go Away, Bad Thoughts
10) Talkin' About Talkin'
11) Don't Say Maybe
12) Practice
13) Happy As Happy Can Be
14) Together

Each song has the lyrics and a coloring page in the teacher/parent guide. On the bottom of each coloring page, there is a challenge given which requires the children to draw and/or write about of the key concepts of the song.

The teacher/parent guide also has activities, which go along with each concept. Moreover, these activities are listed by modalities such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic to increase learning in all children. For the parent, there is a listing of the key concepts, other minor concepts and book list to help further the discussion and learning.

Some of the concepts covered are: cooperation, respect, responsibility, compassion, assertiveness, consideration, self-discipline, communication, scapegoat, self-confidence, kindness, friendship, positive attitude, self-respect, tact, honesty, perseverance, patience, appreciating differences, and separation.

I was quite impressed with the breadth of topic coverage in this set while my children enjoyed songs that encouraged learning traits important to Christian living.

-- Product Review by: Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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