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Piano Course for Christians

By Madonna Woods
Davidson's Music
6727 Metcalf
Shawnee Mission, KS 66204
(913) 262-4982

In this day of high-tech-learn-everything-quicker-faster-and-more-modern, Madonna Woods is a breath of fresh air! Her voice on the teaching cassettes of her piano courses is calm, reassuring, and encouraging. It's like having your own experienced, old-fashioned piano teacher right at your side! She sent me her entire Piano Course for Christians, consisting of a preparatory level through level five curriculum.

Each level has tons of materials and extras. For example, at the preparatory level, two tapes are devoted to the basic material in the two accompanying books. But she also offers a tape of Sunday School Songs, Meet the Composers, Finger Agility Prep, My Own Christmas Book, Familiar Patriotic Songs, and a Music Theory Workbook. Each component is reasonably priced as well.

This entire program is tailor made for homeschoolers. The music selections are solidly Christian and the teaching and commentary is priceless. Even the youngest student, at the preparatory level, can learn simplified versions of such favorites as "The B-I-B-L-E," and "Stand Up for Jesus." The Christmas carols at this level are arranged in five-finger position as well and include the words for singing along. To give the child a well-rounded music experience, the Meet the Composers component is invaluable. There is a picture of each of 17 composers along with a short biography. Then Ms. Woods has arranged famous themes simple enough to be played by beginning students. How exciting for the new student to play real stuff!

The additional levels are just as comprehensive. Level 1 is suitable for any student who has completed any preparatory level of any recognized piano course. It includes the same components, adding a volume of "Hymns of True Faith" and "Boogie for Fun." Succeeding levels are increasingly challenging. Level 5 includes "Gospel Style Technics" and "Chording Gospel Songs by Ear."

These materials can be used over by all family members. The explanations are clear and well written so that even the parent with no musical training can tutor their child - and learn right along with if they desire!

There is one word for Madonna Woods' Piano Course for Christians - delightful!

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, TOS Magazine

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