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Grammar and English
By Ron Brown

"I just ate eight pieces of pie. Homophones! Homophones!" Oh, how we love to sing in our home! My family found Intelli-tunes to be a wonderful addition to our curriculum. Intelli-tunes has fifteen fun-filled songs containing information about nouns, verb, adjectives, pronouns, and more. This is a great way to reinforce grammar and language skills with our children. The songs are catchy and the children remember the language concepts they are being taught. When my daughter heard the song about nouns, she was excited because she remembered this was a concept I had just taught her. I was thrilled and it confirmed the songs were increasing her understanding. We do enjoy some songs more than others as with any music CD, but overall, we think Intelli-tunes Grammar and English is a wonderful learning tool.
-- Product Review by: Carol Pelster, reader, TOS Magazine

Beginning Reading Skills

Do you want to add some fun to your homeschooling? Intelli-tunes is a very good place to start!

My boys five and seven love listening to the Beginning Reading CD by Intelli-tunes. Even the baby gets to "b-bopping" whenever we turn it on. Ever since our family has been introduced to Intelli-tunes, I can not drive to the grocery store without hearing my kids (squealing delightedly) singing, "silent e - its quiet, silent e - just try it, it makes a vowel say its own name." Our favorite, however, is the Pirate Sound Song "Ar,Ar,Ar!" They want to hear it everywhere we go. One caution though, if you are not inclined to promote dancing about in your homeschooling, this fun CD makes it nearly impossible to hold still! That's exactly the response it invokes in my children, EVERYTIME we turn it on. We think it's a great way to spice up the atmosphere in our homeschool!

-- Stacey Salmonson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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