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All About John Deere for Kids/I Love BIG Trains/All About Cowboys for Kids (VHS)

TM Books & Video

TM Books & Video has unique, fun videos for families! These are like field trips for families on video, all very high quality VHS videos, and full of information, history, song and adventure!

All About John Deere for Kids goes into the history of John Deere tractors, excavators, cultivators, planters-even dump trucks, from the oldest to the most modern and their many uses. See how John Deeres have been used on farms for years and the process of farming with them. There is information on the engines and how they work, you go to a tractor auction, and there's even a segment on farm toys.

I Love BIG Trains calls us "ALL ABOARD" for an exciting adventure on the trains of the world. Take a trip through the Illinois Railway Museum to see a huge variety of trains throughout history. Learn about the variety of types of trains, from the old Steam trains to the sleekest modern trains of Europe. Follow railroad crews as they operate and use lanterns to signal one another. You'll also visit the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and learn how a 'hump yard' works. This video is a great field trip adventure into the history of trains.

All about Cowboys for Kids is a family favorite here! This video visits the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. It is full of history of the American Cowboy, with lively songs and music by Bethany Zill. It is full of cowboy action, such as trick riders, learning to crack a bullwhip, taming wild horses and much more! Visit with a kid cowboy and his pony; learn about wagons, western lore and so much more!

Our family enjoyed reviewing all of these titles! All of these titles from TM Books and Video are recommended, lots of fun, educational value and laughs for the whole family! Check out their website for all of their offerings.

-- Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly & Family

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