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Monkeydoos: Gallop, Hop and Stomp! DVD, The


88 Valley Street
Bristol, CT 06010

I have little children, ages two, four, and six, so I thought I would preview this movement and action DVD to see if it was something I would like to own for them. I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction, the quality of the product, and the cheerful host, Maureen. I felt it was worth the time I would invest to write about it.

You meet a smiling Maureen right away as we are then introduced to a cute group of animated monkeys named, Flip, Tumble, and Twist. Your children will be treated to twelve different action songs with various movements that coordinate with different jungle/safari animals. The backgrounds are varied and oftentimes lush with color, but never too much. Your child will be treated to a fun array of actions from crawling to twirling arms, to jumping up and down all with their new friends, Maureen and the Monkeydoos.

The music is all high energy, but not overdone and the various children in the DVD genuinely look like they are really enjoying themselves. I have to say that I was pleased that the host did not come across as irritating or silly, but happy to be there with your children. I also really liked the variety of skin colors in the children shown doing the actions; it was delightful to see all colors represented here.

The quality of the DVD is top notch and the graphics as well as animal videos presented are clear and interesting to watch. It was designed to help young children develop fine motor and gross motor skills and if my children are any indication of interest, all three were up and doing all the actions without mom ever suggesting a thing. I am very pleased with this company and hope they continue to produce such superior products that I would be happy to recommend.

--Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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