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Here We Come! and Bible Story Concepts for Preschoolers

By Jodi VanBibber
Sunny Hollow Press

2517 North 62nd Street
Mesa, AZ 85215

"Mrs. VanBibber, you are certainly a teacher after a Mother's own heart. You are reaching the heart of our children through the heart of God in your products!"-- TOSâ„¢ Magazine

Are you overworked, short on time and over budget in your homeschool spending, yet you still want to work with your preschooler? Are you looking for something meaningful to teach your child while working at those "pre-learning" skills? Well, then, you simply must read this review!

Let's talk adorable...I mean absolutely adorable! I have been searching for an exciting, do-able, and colorful preschool curriculum for about a year now. I have tried many of those so-called "award winners" in the preschool curriculum market. I am so thrilled with Jodi VanBibber's Bible Stories Concepts for Preschoolers that I immediately visited her web site to see if perhaps, there were more units in the sequence.

The first three units in the homeschool series - All About Animals, All About God's Love, and The Good Shepherd, along with Jodi's publication entitled, Here We Come Through the Half-Pint Door (Articles About Teaching Preschoolers at Home) - are adorable, absolutely adorable. I said that already, didn't I? Really, they are just wonderful and jam packed with ideas for those of us whose creative genius is ebbing a little on the "low" side! Just paging through the Here We Come Through the Half Pint Door book made me so excited that I ran upstairs to lay out the entire package before my confused husband who had no idea why I was so excited. He politely smiled blankly and nodded, "I see." I proceeded to engage my "older" children in my excitement and show them on what their younger brother would be working . Their eyes met with mine. They saw the brightly colored pictures. They caught my enthusiasm. They asked, "When? When can we do this with Joshua?"

Allow me to explain my excitement - Mrs. VanBibber approaches the preschool curriculum with not only a Biblical mindset, but with total reliance on God. She studied Early Education in college and has a list of credentials a mile long; still, she sought God's help. In her autobiography (I found this on the web site), Mrs. VanBibber states that each time she began to write a new curriculum, she prayed and asked Him to be in charge of pulling it all together, "I am helpless in knowing just what each teacher, parent, or child needs from this lesson. But God knows." To me, this is foremost in choosing a curriculum for my children. The thought that the creator relied on God's Holy Spirit rather than human wisdom to direct them in the design of the program thrills my heart. Mrs. VanBibber's teaching philosophy is God's teaching philosophy, precept upon precept, line upon line. Bible Story Concepts for Preschoolers can be used for two, three, four and five-year-old children. It takes just a few minutes of your time and doesn't require a lot of preparation.

Although Bible Story Concepts for Preschoolers will work well for any child, it is especially suited to working with special needs children! Joshua, my son, is just four years old. His understanding is somewhat above his ability to communicate and he doesn't yet write. Mrs. VanBibber's curriculum does not require that the child be able to write to complete the work. It is sequential in nature and builds on one skill at a time. It can be used one Bible story each week as she suggests, or adapted to a longer period of time as required by most special needs children.

Bible Story Concepts for Preschoolers includes prayer, preschool skills, fun and games, co-ordination, and spiritual values. Each packet comes with three story cards, Bible Bookmarks to be used for various activities and games, as well as suggestions or instructions for use. There are picture cards, planning sheets, and lots of parenting, money saving, and general learning tips galore (Note: The story sheets, cards, and bookmarks must be cut out and laminated. You will also need to have blank index cards, glue and a marker). All of the kits that I received were packed with information including additional reading recommendations, craft and music ideas, even snack suggestions! Mrs. VanBibber covers it all! You must, however, start with Unit I and work through each unit progressively, as some of the materials are for repeated use in future kits.

I just can't tell you enough how wonderful this curriculum is! There are nine packets in the "Homeschool Series - Teaching Children at Home." At just $14.00 + s/h, I plan to purchase them all. You can view a sample lesson from Bible Story Concepts and all of the other great materials offered by Sunny Hollow Press on their web site at I just couldn't visit without making an additional purchase of Mrs. VanBibber's Holiday Book! I hope it arrives before Thanksgiving! Mrs. VanBibber, you are certainly a teacher after a mother's own heart. You are reaching the heart of our children through the heart of God in your products!
-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouseâ„¢ Magazine

Here's another Bible Story Concepts for Toddlers review!

"A stimulating and simple to use program to encourage your littlest Bible students." -- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

As the homeschooling mother of toddlers and school age children, I desire to find ways to teach and encourage my toddlers while not neglecting the educational needs of my older children. The Bible Story Concepts for Toddlers kit is a wonderful place to start. Simple to use and fun, I have had a great time using this delightful program. The kit consists of a teacher's manual, picture blocks, picture cards, Bible story activity cards, and a handwork packet. The teacher's manual is full of interesting activities for your toddlers. There are songs, games, tips for setting up a learning environment, and much more. I had fun showing my little ones the cards and dialoguing about colors, creation, and classifying. This curriculum was formulated for teaching babies and toddlers in a Sunday School setting, a concept I firmly believe in as it is much more profitable than simply handing them a cracker and leaving them to their own devices. Whether you are teaching one toddler or a crowd of them, this is a stimulating and simple to use program to encourage your littlest Bible students.

-- Product Review by: Jennifer Pepito, TOS Magazine

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