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World and United States Time Line Cut Outs

Hold That Thought

Need help with Unit studies or does History and Geography give you serious anxiety? Hold that Thought has created an absolutely awesome product Line. Time Line Cut Outs and Notebook pages, A Ton of them on CDs!

Hold that Thought has come up with a complete, useful, and easy to use resource for any style of Home education but is especially suited for the unit study, Classical, and Living Books approaches to History.

"World and United States Time Line Cut Outs" accompanied by "A Time Line of World History" is the most Mom friendly Time Line system I have run across and the best aspect is you don't need a giant wall to have a comprehensive overview of World History in a Time Line (Although there are instructions in the CD for making a Wall chart if you have the space and are so creatively inclined). Hours and hours of preparation and craft time is not necessary either, Hold that Thought has done it all for you! All you need is a printer scissors and glue! You can be simply academic about your Time Line or get wildly creative with your cut outs and Time Line book or Wall!"World and United Stated Time Line Cut Outs" CD is a veritable unending fountain of dates, people and events. This CD is a comprehensive Time Line and date, event resource for someone who likes to do their own research on history rather than follow a boxed curriculum approach, The great price of the CD ($19.95), makes it a wonderful addition to any History Curriculum and since you print the Cut outs and Dates you can use it over and over which makes it very economical for the Large Family, You need only purchase additional Blank Notebooks for your other Children or make your own. We prefer to buy these since they are so nice and economical and save Mom Time!

"World and United States Time Line Cut Outs" start at 3500 BC (the world Cut outs) with Sumerian Agriculture and Egyptian Hieroglyphic writings and come all the way up to 2001, covering Key Dates and events in History in between including our modern history (The Berlin Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Sheep cloning in 1997.) The Us cut Outs begin with 700 BC with some discoveries of Native American Culture and include key events in the discovery and greatness of the West, Leif Erickson, Amerigo Vespucci etc etc

"World and United States Time Line Cut Outs" CD Include 620 World History cut outs and 531 American History cut outs. Also included on the CD are key date Cut outs to give division and distinction to the events you put in your Time Line book pages for example you can title your page/s with 1500 and see all the differing things going on in varying places at the same time in history. There are blank cut outs as well for dates and events incase there is something not on the CD that you would like to include in your Time Line. There are instructions on How to make your Notebook and or Wall chart included in the CD and Acrobat Reader in case you don't have it. All of Hold that Thought's CDs run in Acrobat Reader.

A Time Line of World History is a blank Notebook with Laminated front and Back Cover and Quality Scrap Book Style paper inside. It holds approximately 650 cut outs/events. Its dimensions are 14" x 5" and the Notebook is sold separately from the Cut out CD's. Hold that Thought recommends that some may prefer to do a time line for the younger ones and then again when they are older since not every event may be appropriate for every family with small children. The notebook is conveniently sized and very reasonably priced at $12.95. Hold that thought makes 4 different Time Line blank Books for World, American, Church and Bible History.

Hold that thought is IT for me it is what I have been looking for in a Time Line and it makes a great resource for those of us creating our own curriculum for history through Living Books, Research and Unit Study! My Hat is off to Hold that Thought!

--Product Review by Stacey Salmonson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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