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Universal History, Volume 1 - Ancient History: Law without Liberty (Adam - 50 B.C.)

By Katherine Dang

"What a love of history this will give your children - and really more importantly, they will see God's hand in making it come to pass for His aims, purposes and glory." -- Kate Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

In the words of the author of this amazing volume:

"While today we are tempted to impute more power to sin and evil than to Christ, there is a great need to shore up our faith and confidence in God by the testimony of the past work of God - Divine Providence. The aims to be fulfilled in the production of the Universal History Project are to bring the nation (albeit gradually) to a belief and trust in God's holiness, wisdom and justice."

"This volume, and those to follow, will return to the individual historical sources which are no longer available to the general public and will supply him with the depth of scholarship needed to support the convictions of his conscience concerning God's wonderful works in history. By such study, not only can the individual have hope in our present day spiritual trials, but also give hope to the generations after him."

Ms. Dang's goal is attained in this magnificent first in a series of four lovely hardback volumes. For seven summers (1972-1978), she was under the direction of the late Verna Hall (author of the well-known "Red Books" published by the Foundation for American Christian Education, or F.A.C.E.) in the researching and compiling of original resources for ancient history students. The Universal History volume is based upon the research collected from those seven summers and 27 years experience in teaching students, parents, and school faculty. Ms. Dang has done an incredible labor of love in these 1,040 pages of compiling the works of many authors as well as her own lovely work from Creation to 50 B.C. What you have in this one volume is unequalled anywhere.

Ancient History sets itself apart from other history works by its sheer quantity of fascinating information it delivers into the willing reader's hands. From lists of time lines, charts, and maps, to its essays by such men as Increase Mather and John Witherspoon, to the discussion of earth's history, this is only the beginning introduction into what is defined as the Doctrine of Divine Providence. What does it mean to believe in Divine Providence? Does God have His mighty hand in all things - even those small, seemingly inconsequential day-to-day aspects of life? This section addresses these important issues. Are we educating our children to live completely conscious of and secure in an All-wise God or are we leading them to conclusions based on unbelief? There are huge questions we as homeschooling parents wrestle with all the time in the education of our children. This book dedicates itself to the teaching of truth about things ancient, from as many primary sources as possible.

The beauty with which this volume weaves the revealed Word into the stories of ancient times is wonderful. To read the story of the fall of Babylon by Cyrus and to find the details of how it was done corresponding with God's writing on the walls decoded by Daniel is wonderful! What a love of history this will give your children - and really more importantly, they will see God's hand in making it come to pass for His aims, purposes, and glory. This is not a book that will tell you what God "meant when He did this or that." It demonstrates for you His greatness and glory and power - His sovereign hand in all of history.

Covered in this work are Genesis 1- 11, Mankind's Infancy, The Three Races of Man, The Purity of Primitive Religion, Biblical Chronology, Geography of the Ancient World: Asia, Africa, and Europe. It then moves into the actual histories of nations. Akkad and Sumer, Chaldaea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Phoenicia and Carthage, Assyria, Israel, Babylonia, China, Media, Persia, India, Greece and then Rome are thoroughly covered from beginning to end. Not only the history, but the geography, the people, their religion, the arts and sciences that each people group contributed to the culture of their time, as well as to ours are all included here. There is so much in this volume that it is truly hard to describe it all thoroughly in a review.

This work is not one that you will just hand to your child, but one in which you will pour over, fascinated by how all things are so interrelated and how amazingly mighty God is. Then you will be able to thoroughly explain all sorts of wonderful pieces of history that your child will love and delight in. This is a beautiful book for your homeschool - a book to fill your heart with the wonder of God and His holiness. Come delight in the works of His hands!

For more information on how to purchase Universal History, Volume 1, Ancient History: Law Without Liberty (Adam - 50 B.C.) you can go to the website at

-- Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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