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Truth Quest History

By Michelle Miller

"Truth Quest History is an ongoing learning experience." -- TOSâ„¢ Magazine

I was so excited to be able to review Truth Quest History, by Michelle Miller. When I first got the copy, I read it all from cover to cover. As I read it, I realized that this is not an ordinary curriculum. This is not a to-do list of books that you MUST read. This is more of a work of art.

Truth Quest guides show God and His work during the course of history. The guides are made up of three parts:

1) Commentary - This is where the main body of the text is. The commentary is read by both teacher and student. It shows the work that God has done and the difference that following Him makes.

2) Recommended Reading - This is a list of books that may be used to gain a greater understanding of the subject. You do not have to read every book in the list. Like Michelle says, "Look at the book list as a smorgasbord: There are many delicious choices, but don't eat everything!"

3) Think Write Exercises - These are geared for fifth through twelfth grade. These exercises help the student express what they are learning.

Truth Quest History is an ongoing learning experience. The students are drawn into a whole new way of learning and grasping God's hand in history. Our family has truly enjoyed this way of learning and we will continue using these guides. This is not your typical schoolwork and the deep learning that takes place is wonderful.

-- Product Review by: Lesley Wotton, The Old Schoolhouseâ„¢ Magazine

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