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Story of the Romans, The

Revised and Expanded by Christine Miller
Originally written by H.A. Guerber
Nothing New Press

Originally published in 1896 by American Book Company
Republished by Nothing New Press
Fort Collins, Colorado

Christine Miller has republished a treasure with The Story of the Romans. The book was originally written as a narrative history of ancient Rome for elementary students. It covers the period from Rome's mythical beginnings to the fall of the empire. Miss Guerber's engaging style makes these important stories comes to life. The language is clear and concise. Here, the reader discovers the tragic end of Aeneas' wife

Imagine his sorrow when he found that his beloved wife was missing! He rushed back into the burning city, and searched everywhere for her, calling her name aloud, in spite of the danger. At last he met someone who told him that his wife had been killed, and that she wished him to escape to a better country, where he should found a new kingdom, and where a new wife should take her place, and make him happy once more.

The original text remains unchanged in the modern editions, however there are some helpful new features. Christine Miller has added maps, a timeline, and bibliography. The third edition now also includes a recommended reading list referencing chapters in The Story of the Romans. So for example, when the student is reading about Nero, there is a recommendation for Ides of April, by Mary Ray, a work of historical fiction set during Nero's reign.

The Story of the Romans would work well as a read-aloud for younger students and as an independent read for older students. A student studying the Great Books would benefit from reading this book as a light companion to Virgil, Livy, Cicero and so on. The Story of the Romans provides an introductory context for the culture and ideas so foundational to the development of Western thought.

--Product Review by: Anne Weiland, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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