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Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: Activity Book B

By: Diana Waring

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries is a unit study guide that covers the time period from the Resurrection of Christ to the French and American Revolutions. Specifically, the study includes nine units:

  • The Rise of the Church & The Fall of Rome;
  • The Missionaries & The Barbarians;
  • The Byzantines & The Muslims;
  • The Holy Roman Empire & The Vikings;
  • The Crusades & The Mongols;
  • The Seeds of Reformation & The Late Middle Ages;
  • The Renaissance & The Reformation;
  • Puritans, Pietists & The Divine Right of Kings; and
  • Revivals & Revolutions.

Further, the book includes:

  • Fun historical pictures to color;
  • Bible verses;
  • People and events;
  • Annotated children's books;
  • Easy-to-follow maps and mazes;
  • Crafts;
  • Science experiments;
  • Recipes;
  • Crossword puzzles;
  • Word scrambles;
  • Coded messages;
  • Word searches;
  • Songs;
  • Games;
  • Rhymes; and plays.

There's a lot packed into this book. I would think that with a little thought, and maybe not doing everything in every unit, this would be a great springboard to a fun learning experience.

--Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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