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Point in Time - Timeline Binder, A

By Mike & Debra Flewelling
Tree of Life School

This great binder has been a lifesaver for me. Divided into facing pages of card stock that fold open to lie flat, it works so well! The pages face each other, so when you open them you actually have four pages across that makes up a century. The timeline is written across the middle of the page and there is loads of room above and below for adding pictures, notes, dates, etc. The binder is a large sturdy three ring binder and has lots of room for expansion. The span covered goes from Creation right up to the current era, and the pages are different colors for B.C. and A.D. I just love the simplicity and the orderliness of it. I have limited space on my walls and I knew that I wanted to have my kids keep a timeline, so this was a perfect idea. I even cut pages of lined paper in half and inserted them into the blank pages, so we had room to make notes of people and places we were putting in the timeline. There are no figures included, but I actually found that a bonus because we had our own figures, and one of my kids enjoys drawing his or her own pictures. You can use any pre-purchased figures. Simply cut them out and glue them in. I like that all the divisions are in 100-year increments, as it makes it easier to see a whole era at a time. Were the divisions shorter, we would have had to keep flipping back and forth and I really think it would be harder to keep a "big picture" in our heads.

You can use this timeline as an integral part of your child's learning for every subject! We add in scientists that we meet in science, authors or subjects of novels we have read, artists and composers in music and art class, Biblical characters, and of course, historical characters we meet in history studies. This one binder will do for your child for his complete educational journey and it is so fun to see how quickly it begins to fill in and take on the child's personality. Their choices of drawings and their skill levels change as they grow, so it is fun to see the progression as you go. Debra has also included many colored dots so you can mark a point in time. I use the dots on the outside of the foldout pages in the lower corner, and a different color for each era. Then we can quickly flip to the page we need without opening all of them on the way.

Keeping a timeline is a fascinating way to see how interconnected our world really is. Suddenly it's easy to see the people who lived at the same time as each other (even if one lived in Europe and one lived in South America), what areas were being explored while others were falling apart, and so on.

A Point in Time is great fun, and I know you will really enjoy the experience. We certainly have and we plan to continue for years to come!

-- Product Review by: Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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