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History Scribe (books)

Sherri Chekal and David Russell

Westvon Publishing
P.O. Box 501
Maumee, OH 43537
(419) 250-1096

Sherri Chekal and Westvon Publishing have done it again! This time they've come up with something completely different than anything I've ever seen before. History Scribe books are so simple, yet so ingenious, all I could say when I looked through my review copy was, "Wow, this is SO COOL!"

Each book is about a different topic. History Scribe: Ancient China has 38 pages with a subject relating to Ancient China along with a sentence or two about it at top. Then there is a space for your child to draw a picture about the topic and at the bottom there are lines for your child to write his own notes. Through drawing and written narration your child will create his own comic book of history!

A sampling of the topics included in Ancient China are Shang Dynasty; The Great Wall; Literature, Arts, & Music; Religion; Food; and the Silk Route. Also, there is a blank page at the end of the book for adding a topic of your own.

There are twenty History Scribes book currently available in several different subjects. Many more are in the works. Each book is printed single-sided on 28# premium paper so there are no worries of pictures bleeding through.

And that's not all. Westvon Publishing knows that those of us with larger families like to print our own pages. They've come up with a cost-effective Classical Education Combo on CD-ROM that includes Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, Medieval Times, the Age of Discovery, and World Religions. This makes it easy to print out just the page pertaining to your studies. You make a custom book for your history program!

I don't feel I can do History Scribes justice with words alone. Take a look at for some sample pages.

--Product Review by: Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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