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Historical Devotional: The Amazing History of God's Mighty Deeds

Mantle Ministries Family CD Collection
Narrated by: Evangelist Historian Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler

We are what I affectionately call, "a history family." As a homeschool mom and official "curriculum picker" for our school, I am often drawn to quality history products. Mantle Ministries', Historical Devotionals are much more than merely quality history products. Little Bear Wheeler is an unmet friend in our home. We sit around our proverbial campfire while he tells us the stories of history. We hear how God moves men and nations for His sovereign purposes.

Little Bear begins in the year 1300 with the early reformer, John Wycliffe and chronologically progresses to Marin Luther and William Tyndale. Columbus, Sir Frances Drake and the Spanish Armada bring us to the end of only the first CD! There are 20 Historical Devotional CDs in the whole series. Each Volume comes with two CDs just full of exciting stories, songs, prayers, Scripture, and brief anecdotes of Little Bear's life.

The list of available Devotionals reaches far and wide:

Volume 1: Reformation to the Pilgrims (1300-1620)
Volume 2: Colonial America (1607-1775)
Volume 3: American Revolution (1775-1781)
Volume 4: Heroes and Heroines (1775-1782)
Volume 5: Lewis and Clark (1803-1806)
Volume 6: Trailblazers and Pioneers (1800-1880's)
Volume 7: The Civil War (1861-1865)
Volume 8: Westward Expansion (1860's-1890's)
Volume 9: The Holiday Series
Volume 10: 10 Godly Presidents and 10 Valiant Women

For the specific details of all the incredible people, places, and events in our rich history that you will find in the individual Volumes, please visit their website at

One of my seven year old daughter's favorite stories was about Johnny Appleseed and the Indians. Johnny Appleseed overheard a planned attack upon a settlement and helped to prevent a battle between the two groups. She also enjoyed the stories of Johnny Appleseed's generosity and his Christian faith played out in his real life. She was also interested in the distribution of apples he facilitated all over the country!

My nine year old daughter's favorite was the Annie Oakley story. From the beginning Annie was different from the rest of her sisters and enjoyed the things my daughter enjoys doing now! My daughter shares that when Annie Oakley was around 11 she asked her father if she could bring in the family's game (or meat supply). He consented with the comment that because she was the best shot in Idaho she could do it. She brought in the game for the next few years and her God-given skill helped her family survive in the wilderness. When she was 13 she joined the Buffalo Bill show and later on became such a good shot that Buffalo Bill nicknamed her Little Sure Shot. At the age of 60 she was still a sure shot! While she was talented in her shooting, she also devoted her life to being a godly woman. "That's the part I like the best," said my daughter.

It is stories like these that bring the Historical Devotionals to life. The real people of history and their real stories are shared in a way that I have never seen or experienced. We had, in effect, Little Bear Wheeler, at our dinner table, telling us a bedtime story, engaging our minds around our proverbial campfire, and bringing long-dead folks back to life and illuminating Scriptural truths for us. While we may not always agree with everything he says, as he comes across pretty strongly in some areas of Christian liberty (for example he is strongly against drinking in any form), we really appreciate his passion for history and for the faith. Thanks, Little Bear, we are glad you are here to stay!

--Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Review Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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