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Cases in Controversy DVD

The 14th Amendment

" state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States...nor deny to any citizen the equal protection of the laws..." from the 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment is one of the most important Amendments to homeschoolers and others who have faced discrimination; that's why it's known as The Amendment that changed life in the United States. As such, we should be as clear concerning our understanding of it and we can. In this Cases in Controversy DVD edition, 14 cases from 1873 to 1973 are covered in detail. Some of those cases are Brown v. Board of Education, Missouri v. Canada and Roe v. Wade.

With this DVD, you will go inside these cases using the original Supreme Court decisions and historical reenactments. Not only that, but you'll be guided through the process of each case by experts and other professionals who were either connected with or studied the cases. Not only are these interviews some of the most interesting features, but the biographies of the Supreme Court Justices, alone, are worth getting the DVD for. There were many things about the Justices that I had not heard anywhere else. Very interesting.

The total play time of the DVD is 3 hours and the cases can be presented on a daily basis, one at a time, to your students and then discussed and explored from there.

This is such a great time in our history to be studying our government and seeing exactly what goes into a Supreme Court case, what goes into an Amendment and how it then effects case law for the entire country from that time on. See how even the same Amendment caused different out-comes for different cases. You can even see how it has been stretched to near breaking to put a law on the books.

If you have a student who is a junior or senior in High School and is taking Government, this DVD would be of great benefit while studying Constitutional Ethics.

--Product Review by: Kim Wolf, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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