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Ancient China: To the Great Wall...and Beyond

The Book Peddler
P.O. Box 1960
Elyria, OH 44036-1960
(440) 284-6654

If you like the idea of Netflix, you'll enjoy The Book Peddler, a homeschool supply company in Ohio headed by Kris and Judy Wilcox and their own four homeschool quality-management experts - Derek, Westley, Bethany, and Jennifer. Judy gives special thanks to TOS' own Diana Waring for her suggestions and tips making her book more user-friendly - congratulations and thanks, Diana!

This is a 12-week unit study of the (hah, what a coincidence, eh?) ancient Dynasties of China that will involve your children in multi-sensory reproductions of maps, global searches, Chinese art books, stamp collection, sand art, Origami books, refreshing green tea and rice cakes (uh, think I'll pass on those). It also includes DVDs, research skills in your local library, posterior-making hints, critical thinking exercises, and interesting field trip ideas.

It covers the rise of the third-largest nation after Russia and Canada, comprising the largest world population known to man. As the author states, roughly one out of every five persons in our world lives in China. What a great chance to spread His love and His Word! If your young ones like animals and exotics as much as ours do, this would be a TERRIFIC unit study!

Recommended for Kindergarten through sixth grade, with extensive teaching and project ideas for students from seventh to twelfth grade and supplemental resources (about 66 of them!) to find at your county library.

The author begins by bringing you some little-known facts about Noah and his son Shem on Mt. Ararat at the time of the Hiah Dynasty (2240 B.C). It also covers up to Mao Tse-Tung in 1949 and the notorious Tiannamen Square incident more recently in 1989 (I still recall the photo of the young man standing before the tanks seen round the globe). She brings facts close to home by discussing how the people ate, what their villages were like, how the rivers and canals transported them and their goods, what kinds of tools they worked with, how they grew and harvested their food, and the needs they met by gaining more land, power, etc.

The beliefs and governmental systems are studied with the older students. If your young ones like animals, this would be GREAT for them! Is China a republic where the people are represented by elected leaders, a democracy where everyone votes directly themselves, or do political party members in power demand obedience? How does this compare with the way our country is run? Initially opening the workbook, I spied the supplemental unit wrap-up activities for your middle-school and high-school level students, and the geography lessons involving the Three Gorges Dam project to save the lives of villagers along the Yangtzee river. There is a very interesting and quite thorough quiz on China. An ancient China crossword puzzle and helpful glossary are included as well (WOW!). Oh-so-handy timeline figures of primary Dynasty leaders, a country flag, and maps are located in the last section.

Current updates on websites for the Voice of the Martyrs and the Mission Network News website are also given. These sites can truly assist us as we need to hold the Chinese people in prayer and help prepare ourselves to receive the Holy Spirit's guidance while sharing the Good Word with them - whether they be here in our midst or whether we meet them across the continents.

The Book Peddler carries MANY books at very reasonable prices - so, happy shopping!

-- Product Review by: Karen Houston, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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