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Frantic Family Cookbook: (Mostly) Healthy Meals in Minutes, The

Champion Press
4308 Blueberry Road
Fredonia, WI 53021
(414) 540-9873

Did you know that one-fifth of all meals are eaten in the car and 12 percent of dinnertime meals main dish is a prepared frozen dinner? America seems to be a nation on the move and although homeschoolers tend to stay at home more than most, dinnertime can sneak up on the homeschooling mom quite quickly!

The Frantic Family Cookbook features time saving, mostly healthy, and frugal meals. The author's goal was to produce a recipe book that features cheap-eats that are food fit for a king with fast preparation. All of the recipes are comprised of honest-to-goodness, delicious, inexpensive family foods. No gourmet cooks needed. Some recipes are a little heartier, but overall they are mostly pretty healthy and easy to follow.

The Frantic Family Cookbook opens with an array of suggestions to feed your family inexpensively. Recipe sections include: soup-less casseroles, ground beef, chicken every which way, beans, stews and crock pots, meatless entrees, eggs, potato cookery, desserts (of course), home-made mixes, and breakfast/ brunch. Cooking helps and tips, a glossary of terms, and menu suggestions top it all off. All of this is featured in a sturdy binder, which conveniently lays flat when open making it especially nice to use.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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