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Healthy Foods
A Unit Study on Practical Nutrition and Wellness

Champion Press
4308 Blueberry Road
Fredonia, WI 53021
(414) 540-9873

Healthy Foods is a unit study utilizing some very basic Biblical principles in order to give the student a general and practical understanding of nutrition within the application of homemaking skills. It is designed to be completed while reading the book, Healthy Foods: an irreverent guide to understanding nutrition and feeding your family well, also published by Champion Press. Other supplies needed will include a notebook, notepaper, and dividers with tabs for each student. The teacher will need a three ring binder. The length of the unit study is one to three weeks. Additional study ideas and projects are included for those who wish to increase the course length. There are two editions of the unit study: Kindergarten through fifth grade, and sixth through ninth grades. When ordering, specify the grade levels you require.

Maintaining a food journal is the backbone of Healthy Foods and the primary responsibility of the student. This provides the student with a concrete record and deeper understanding of the Biblical principle of "sowing and reaping," or as the computer age has termed it, "garbage in, garbage out." Giving the student the responsibility of keeping his/her own journal promotes the idea of personal responsibility - not only in eating a balanced diet, but in daily accountability as well. Cooking experience and training is not utilized until the end of the study when students can then select a variety of nutritional and healthy recipes, or menus. At the completion of the course, each student is required to create his or her own "cookbook."

The student will learn to differentiate between the food groups classified as protein, complex carbohydrates, and fats. They will examine the need for greater intakes of water and protein as the body grows. They will be encouraged to try a new adventure - namely, to try new "healthy" foods. Next the study begins to examine the "symptoms of food allergies." Setting the table, making mealtimes pleasurable for the family, creating a special "atmosphere," and table manners help to round out the program. Finishing the unit are tips on setting up a pantry, the "ten o'clock principle," menu planning, improving overall health, and creating that "cookbook" of his/her very own favorite Healthy Foods.

Girl or boy, this unit study will satisfy a health, home economics, and possibly a physical education requirement. If you have a reluctant eater as I have, creating a "cookbook" of favorite "healthy" recipes and meals isn't too bad an idea either! Healthy Foods will give your student that balance in life we all need, along with a greater understanding of how an improper balance affects us both physically and mentally. Because many of the underlying principles in the book are based on Scripture, with a little of your own research you could tie in the spiritual application at the same time making this a tri-fold teaching.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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