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I first "met" Leanne Ely in 1998 when I ordered her self-published book, The Manic Housewife Cooks: A Cook-Let Booklet to Get You Started. It had some of the best recipes, which I still use today - especially the chicken divan that is my standard for when I make a meal for someone at church. Yum!

Next, I subscribed to her menu-mailer, a unique menu service provided for a small fee. She sends you a complete week of menus with a shopping list all made up. It was so easy to use! And the recipes were great! See

She also has an ezine called "Healthy Foods" that you can subscribe to by sending an e-mail to It is packed with great articles and recipes - and it's free.

The whole food thing is often a challenge for homeschooling moms. It's time consuming and confusing. Cooking and planning can often seem overwhelming, so we give in and eat a less than healthy diet. Leanne can truly help you get out of your dietary ruts! She is a certified nutritional counselor and has been referred to as the "Erma Bombeck" of cooking. I was thrilled to be able to take a look at her latest titles.

Healthy Foods: An Irreverent Guide to Understanding Nutrition and Feeding Your Family Well describes Leanne's journey to wellness and shows us that if we change our food, we can change our life. The ideas and recipes are not weird and outlandish - they are doable and friendly! Leanne helps us to get our whole family on a healthier path with great tips and information.

To accompany this, she has written A Unit Study on Practical Nutrition and Wellness. Two versions are available, one for Kindergarten through fifth grade, and one for sixth through ninth grade. It includes worksheets, planning calendars, and food journals, and the children learn to create their own cookbook. It can be used over a period of one to three weeks or longer if you like. You and your child will both learn a lot!

The Frantic Family Cookbook: (Mostly) Healthy Meals in Minutes has the goal of "making cheap eats into food fit for a king and doing it fast." She tells us how to feed a frantic family quick! This book has everything - from breakfast to beans to beef, along with help on shopping and cooking. The whole area of feeding and homeschooling a family is an area I struggle with and I have personally learned so much from Leanne. She helps us to make a happy, healthy, homeschooling lifestyle doable.

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, TOS Magazine

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