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Feed Your Family for $12.00 a Day

By Rhonda Barfield
Citadel Press

In a few years, we are going to have five children between the ages of 10 and 19. When I admit that fact to myself, my first concern is, "How am I going to feed all these children without mortgaging the house?" Well, I will have to send Rhonda Barfield a special thank-you note at that time. Rhonda has done a lot of the thinking and planning work I will need in her recently updated book, Feed Your Family for $12.00 a Day.

Rhonda explains her story in the introduction and why she was so motivated to learn these facts for herself. Knowing that she has been down the road before me is encouraging. This book is not written by someone that does not understand. She knows how hard it is and has written down several helpful suggestions.

Filled with practical information, Feed Your Family offers menus, shopping lists, suggestions on how to save at the grocery store, and other ways to save (Cooperatives, SHARE, cooking systems, cooking from scratch, gardening, and more). Rhonda writes a make-believe story of one woman and her cost-cutting methods that details out what it would look like to make one change a week towards the goal of a lower food budget. One of my favorite chapters details all the excuses we might think of to not listen to her recommendations, and why they don't hold up under scrutiny; she also includes several healthy, low-cost recipes, and other resources to use in the pursuit of lower food costs.

Rhonda's books can be ordered online from, or you can go to Rhonda's website, On her site, you will find an address for ordering, information about Rhonda and her books, plus several helpful articles about homeschooling, frugality, and more. My interview with Rhonda about her book Real Life Homeschooling can be seen in the fall issue of The Old Schoolhouseâ„¢ Magazine, and in the spring, we continue our interview with a discussion of Feed Your Family. Rhonda is a true homeschool advocate, and she longs to encourage homeschooling families. Certainly, her practical help can relieve a lot of financial pressure in this potentially high-cost area of the budget.

Whether you go the dramatic "once-a-month cooking" route, or just track your spending and change your list and your shopping destinations, there are suggestions here for everyone. Depending on how desperate or determined you are your food costs can change as much or as little as needed. There is no reason to overspend on food with Feed Your Family for $12.00 a Day in your library.

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old

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