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Scramble Squares

b. dazzle, inc.

500 Meyer Lane
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 374 - 3000

ADDICTING... you just can't stop trying to put this puzzle together. It is the puzzle lover's challenge, the perfectionist's nightmare, and loads of laughs as you try, try, and TRY to get these "9" pieces into the perfect picture!

Scramble Squares would be a wonderful inexpensive gift for the child or adult who thrives on competition. It is a compact little puzzle that can go just about anywhere and may take you a lifetime to solve! It doubles as a great quiet time activity for young and old alike. If you want a bit of education with your creativity, allow me to offer will WORK YOUR BRAIN! However, b. dazzle has also included a short history of the subject pictured on your Scramble Squares for your enjoyment.

B. Dazzle, Inc. offers quite a line of these tiny gems. This would be an absolutely fabulous kick-off or ending to a unit study! You may just have to go to their website to see if you can get a peek at the solution if you've gone mad trying to solve this thing!
--Product Review by: Teri Lucas, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Publishers' Notes: We went crazy for Scramble Squares the minute they arrived. Talk about challenging! The funny thing was that they look so simple. We all but "scoffed" when we saw them and ribbed each other with how obviously EASY these would be. Well, we were surprised! We were even more taken aback, however, when our 12 year old could do it but we could not! It took him hours to figure it out but he finally succeeded on a few....but could not on all of them (about 8 or so puzzles he received). Each puzzle is highly unique. These mind benders will thrill any home school!

-- Paul and Gena Suarez, Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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