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Meet My New Best Friends
My New Best Friend Backpack

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I (Gena) had to throw my two cents in on this one because I reviewed not only "My Best Friend" purse (which I love!), but also a new product they sent us - the most perfect backpack for Charlotte Mason/Classical Ed types - actually, any homeschool types.

Anyone into nature notebooks, or note-booking in general, would be in heaven to use this. It's a full-size, beautiful backpack that comes with a water bottle and holder, but there is also a CHAIR inside the backpack, if you can believe that! It's this little campstool that can hold someone up to 250 pounds, and it's so ideal for kids going to museums, camping, or any sort of day trip. You put all your stuff inside the pack (jackets, lunch, sketch pads, pastels, charcoals, etc.) and then anytime you need to just pause for a minute to sketch, take notes, or rest, you pull the stool out and just plop yourself down! It folds up and you wouldn't even know it's there until you slide it out. I don't know how they hide it so well in the pack, but you can't tell it's there. And it's easy to slide in and out - I would have thought it'd be a pain, but it's not. My kids were jazzed to say the least (although my husband is the one who actually "claimed" it as his own). This is going to be a big hit with active homeschoolers. Ours is red with a crest of wheat (a wreath) design - very classy, yet sturdy and waterproof!
-- Product review by: Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

My New Best Friend Shoulder Bag:

Ask any of my friends what I carry in my purse. The answer, "Everything!" The problem with this is that in order to take everything with me, I must carry a humongous bag. I don't know you or whether you've ever tried to shop with a huge bag, but take it from me - most people do not enjoy being whacked on the arm while shopping in narrow-aisled stores! This is not a pleasant experience. Enter "My New Best Friend" bag.

I've had the pleasure of using this bag for the past two weeks and I'm impressed with both its functionality and its appearance. This bag is made of black leather and is about 7" X 10" (much more manageable than my humongous bags). It features a comfortable, detachable strap for optional over-the-shoulder carrying.

The best part about the bag is that it truly is "my new best friend." It is convenient, lightweight, and easy to manage. It has several compartments to keep my necessities separate. There are two main zippered compartments for carrying larger items. My wallet, make-up bag, and hairbrush easily fit into these compartments. In addition, there is a place I like to call "my cell phone holder." This is located on the outside for easy accessibility. My cell phone rarely rings twice before being answered! Imagine how happy fellow shoppers will be when they don't have to listen to your cell ringing seven times before you are finished rummaging through your humongous bag to find your it! There is also a mesh drawstring compartment on the outside. I use this to hold my water bottle, which I must have with me at all times. The drawstring holds tightly to neck of the bottle, so that it won't drop. My favorite part of the bag is the detachable change purse. It's the size of a 3 x 5 index card and holds everything I need for a quick trip into a store - credit card, change, bills, driver's license. This small purse has three separate compartments and holds a lot! It clips onto the outside of your new best friend and detaches so easily. I've enjoyed using "My New Best Friend." I hope you will, too. "My New Best Friend" products may be ordered by contacting Infinitum Inc. at or by calling toll-free 1-800-531-7715.

-- Product Review by: Melinda Fountain, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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